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The uniqueness of Italian Naples
The uniqueness of Italian Naples

Zamhari — One of happiness is meet with the different culture friend. Not only get some experiences about his life, but also relates various side of life both white or black.

Yesterday, I had the new friend, his name was Cristian who has 27 age years. He comes from Italia, exactly in Napoli. Did you know Napoli? Napoli was one of the largest city in Italia; so, if you asked him about food, culture, or the tourism attraction, might he would confuse because it was the large city.

The first day, I and my friends (we) went to TanSu by walk. During travel, we always communicated with him, from how long still in Pare, hobby and the other topics.

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When we asked about typical favorite food, he answered that favorite food was Pizza Hut. Different with favorite food in Indonesian, he prefers fried noodles so that when we arrived in TanSu, we directly order Tea Iced and Fried Noodles.

You Muslim?

I ever heared that asked about religion was banned because it related privacy. But, as matter of fact not so all, there were several countries in abroad very open mind if discuss religion.

No exception with this friend from Italian, the firstly, he asked me; “You Muslim?”. Before I answered, I confused because I afraid if I offend him. So, I just smile and my friends who answered it; “Yes, all we Muslim?”

The next, I asked him about religion, but most my friends given me to code in order to did not continue my asking. But, evidently, he has known about my questioned and he given us the answered quite calm.

Overall, he given an opinion that in Indonesia many people had good habits and attitude, especially Muslim people sine he always respects. Even, he ever said if he hears the voice of Adzan or the voice of Quran before pray, he appreciated.

Good Peoples in Indonesia

Hemm… On the other hand, we had time for discussion about some region in Indonesian such as Bali, Lombok and or course Kediri City. For him, Indonesia has beautiful Scenery and the people who kind so that very comfortable living in Indonesia than the other country.

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