Stop Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Stop Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Stop Obsessive Compulsive Disorder — It is obvious that obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) afflicts people across the board. We often encounter these people who are bent at doing a particular activity again and again. They are never satisfied with the results of the activity they are repeatedly doing because of fear, which generates anxiety in them. These people are laughed at, called all sorts of names and thought to be mad.

Researchers have found out that obsessive-compulsive disorder is genetic, it is passed on from one lineage to another. Family members have been observed to suffer obsessive-compulsive disorders though they may not have a similar repetitive activity they engage in, closer scrutiny may point in the same direction.

For instance in one family, the mother may never be satisfied that indeed the door was closed hence repeatedly check on it again and again. The daughter may have a related disorder, confirming again and again whether the gas cooker was turned off. The two incidences point towards insecurity.

Obsessive compulsion is something that completely takes over our lives and our mind feels that it must be done. Some people may be aware of the desire to repeatedly do a particular activity but have no way of wriggling out of the activity. It is like they are possessed by the activity and they cannot function without engaging in it.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is like a game, which has specific rules demanding that the sufferer must perform a certain ritual in a particular sequence without skipping a step. The OCD sufferer feels the urge that an event must be done following a particular set of rules.

An OCD sufferer is insecure because he imagines that something is about to harm him. He will check again and again if the mitigating action has been well executed. His mind is constantly occupied by the repeated activity because he thinks that this repeated action is the only thing that reduces the fear. This is a shot term remedy because the fear repeats itself and the compulsion becomes stronger.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a problem, we always tend to ignore it thinking that it cannot affect a person and will eventually go away on its own. Sometimes we tend to think that the person repeating a certain activity is a comedian and therefore laugh at him. This is very wrong, what we need to do is to treat this as a problem whose remedy must be found.

Drugs are available for the patient to take however; sometimes they are not a permanent remedy to this problem, the patient at some point end up repeating the same action. The other line of treatment, which effectively deals with this problem once and for all, is the use of cognitive behavioral therapy. The method takes a long time but it actually ends the problem.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is treatable. We should not let it degenerate to the levels where the patient has to be confined to a home. Let’s help them stop OCD when it is still manageable. The most difficult things that I know that goes with anxiety is the unending worries that occupy your mind. You just want to find methods to stop worrying now so you can get on with your life because oftentimes it can become overwhelming.

These are tips to guide you in ending your obsessive thoughts and stop you from worrying now: The first thing you can do is to jot down everything you are worrying about on a piece of paper or in a journal. Just write non-stop to get every worry out on paper. It should take about 10 to 15 minutes to do that.

Write everything down.. Write down all the big things you worry about but don’t forget the little ones too. Second, consider all of the worries you wrote down. What would you do if the scenario would come true and in what way can you handle or recover from it?

There are few things in life that can possibly happen to us that we cannot handle or bounce back from? Often, just having another plan can help ease any worried thoughts you might have and can help you to stop getting worried. The third action to take is to acknowledge the worrisome thoughts you can’t control.

There are only a couple of circumstances that are outside your control. The first thing to do is to accept it because there’s nothing that you can do about it. They may be out of your control, so stop getting worried about them because they serve no purpose. Think of a more realistic outcome instead and keep reminding yourself about this when you are starting to worry again. Fourth move to make is relieve stress.

When we are nervous about things in our life, whether it be work or personal problems, worry tends to pop up. Set aside some time to relax and stop thinking about your problems. This will help you to stop worrying now even if you do it for 5 or 10 minutes.

The fifth thing to do is to know when to seek help. If you believe that these worrying thoughts are becoming serious problem in your ability to face life, then don’t feel like you need to handle this problem alone. You shouldn’t be ashamed to talk to a friend or to find a good psychologist to give you advice.

It could have you feeling a great deal of distress if you have to worry constantly. Move on with your life and use this tips to help you stop worrying. Enjoy the peace of mind and mental space that you receive when you no longer feel to worry about everything.

One main reason for you to experience panic attacks is because of anxieties. For you to stop anxiety, you need to learn how to control and deal with them. If you’ll learn all of this, your panic attacks and anxieties will not bother you so much anymore. You’ll also feel more at ease with your lifestyle and will lead you to forget about your panic attacks.

But learning how to stop anxiety does not mean you will be able to do it at once. It is not something that happens instantly. You should use the tips and follow them with patience and dedication. It will be worth everything seeing as by following these tips you will be ridding yourself of anxieties and stop panic attacks in the end.

Stop Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Learn how to stop anxiety with the following tips:

1. Don’t be Idle

But it does not mean you will be stressing yourself. Keeping yourself busy doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to stress yourself most of the time. Being busy will just take your mind off your anxious thoughts that you usually think about.

If you aren’t preoccupied, you’re inclined to think about a lot of things that trouble you. At first, it may just seem like a small thing but then it will become stronger and will eat you up. With these anxieties and thoughts you will feel scared and depressed and will finally lead to panic attacks.

If you want to stop anxiety and prevent it from giving you any generalized anxiety disorder symptoms then stay busy by doing the things that you like the most such as catching up on your reading, cooking a new recipe, tinkering with your car and whatever it is that will just keep your mind from being idle. Not only will you be able to stop feeling all worried and anxious about panic attacks but you will also get your work done much faster.

2. Be Rational

Anxiety often stems from your thoughts, especially the ones that bring you down. Thoughts such as “I might collapse if I go out of the house” or “What if I’ll be caught up in an accident?” are common thoughts that are unnecessary
To stop anxiety, you need to start being rational and attack your negative thoughts with positive thinking such as “Why would I have a heart attack? I’m perfectly fine and healthy.” or “I have always been a safe driver. I will not be in an traffic accident.” Being rational helps you stop anxiety when you are thinking about these situations because it makes you feel sane and collected. You’ll also feel more at peace with yourself.

3. Stop Listening to Your Anxieties

Many tend to think about their panic attacks and they keep on worrying by expecting it to come at them any minute now. Whenever they try to do this, they experience more anxiety and will never learn to let go of their safety zone.

If you want to stop anxiety then you have to stop expecting the worst. Expecting your anxieties to happen everyday is not a healthy thing to be doing. Rather than worrying over your anxieties, keep yourself busy like the tip mentioned above so you will forget about your troubles.

Stop counting down the days when your panic attacks will happen again. Learn these tips and practice them so that you will be able to finally stop anxiety.

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