My Close Friend From Arabian?


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I will tell you about my close friend. Actually, my close friend is my private, but because this lesson, so just call her “Quntum”. She was born in Bantul, Yogyakarta on 12 May 1996.

Now, she is studying in Islamic University Syarif Hidayatullah. She is taking postgraduate on Tafsir Hadits program.

Over all, she is beautiful and smart. About her faces, she has oval faces. When I see her, my feeling is very peaceful. Not only that, she has ideal body. Say my friends, she seen very beautiful.

Actually, I miss her not phisically, but I miss her because Allah. And then, she has smart and friendly.

I and my close friend promis that build Quran education. So, her character is adroit and wise. Before build Quran education, her future goals to be lecture in Islamic University Sunan Kalijaga.

Not along with her character, she has good habbit like as big vision, always optimis and always regard as the problem is a gift from God.

Finally, she has honorable family. I listen many things about her family that her family always give alms.

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This writes just only for lesson. So, this article is imagine from me hehe…

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