10 Tips How to be a Good Photographer for Beginners with Cameras

How to be a Good Photographer for Beginners with Cameras

GOOD PHOTOGRAPHER – In the world nowadays, everyone could become a photographer, their modal sometimes is only a smart phone yet the quality can be compared with the professional camera; though of course not just a mere smart phone, but the sophisticated one, the smart phone which cost you the same as a professional camera.

With the rapid production of a smart phone, the people interest toward photography increases too, realized or not. It is proven by the fever of selfie-taking photos that occur to the whole world, not only happen to the young generation but also adult too, all range of age.

The impact of that smart phone ownership is usually making people love to take their photograph (selfi-taking fever) as their life’s documentation so that they could look back to their old time when they are old, photo regarded as a memory, as an artifact. The activity of taking the photograph itself makes them becoming a photographer.

According to Online Oxford Dictionary, the word photographer defines as a person who takes photographs, especially as a job. This definition fit perfectly with Mr. Enche Tjin said in his Blog infofotografi. In Mr. Enche Tjin blog, he differentiates between amateur and professional photographer.

At a glance, he said that any photography activity who earns money relates to professional photographer, while when people doing it for fun, it refers to amateur photographer. Further Mr. Enche Tjin explains it in the table below:

Amateur Photographer

Professional Photographer

–          Easily and frequently distracted, the photos are inconsistent and usually depend on the mood –          High concentration, routine practice
–          Requires recognition from the group, or friends for the results of their work –          Prioritize the depth of the photo/ the story
–          Afraid that the photos are not good enough or unacceptable –          Consistently produce a good work
–          Afraid the photos are too good to be criticized or ostracized –          Ready and willing to take a difficult path with the goal of getting great photos
–          Trying to find a shortcut for a good photograph, one of them by buying expensive photography tools –          Getting a lot of obstacles but do not easily retreat and feel despair
–          When finding an obstacle, the amateurs easily and quickly give in and stop


After knowing the differentiation between amateur and professional photographer, we can categorize our self into amateur or pro. Maybe we attract to photography just for fun, but others attract to it with serious mind, have tendency to make it as a job in the future. Whatever it is, being a good photographer is a must.

Being such a good photographer is not only proved by producing a good photograph but also this photograph tells us something, we can see the uniqueness through the characteristic reflects from the photo or the story behind it. As a photographer, good photo generates a good feeling and satisfaction.

Moreover, when the photos was posted into social media and have a good reaction, so many thumbs up or people commented on it how good it is. That good feeling furthermore manifested into a greater ambition to produce a better photo, then the photographer try to upgrade the tools, buying new lenses, buying a professional camera (DSLR), trying to learn how to edit photo, etc.

The follow up action of the photographer depicts that the photographer themselves want to be a good and a better photographer than before. This attitude is a good sign of becoming a good photographer.

How to be a Good Photographer for Beginners

How to be a Good Photographer for Beginners with Cameras

In Mr. Enche Tjin’s another blog, he explains more that every person who wants to get into photography world and becoming a good photographer tends to have a long journey.

The journey mentioned before was taken from the experience of Mr. Enche Tjin himself, how he could becoming a good professional photographer and famous in Jakarta. Here is the summing up for everyone who wants to upgrade and improve their skill in photography world. Each step of the journey indicates the probable development that everyone can get. They are:

  1. Study the photography theory will save the time

Good Photographer Study the photography theory will save the time

To learn how to be a good photographer, it’s recommended to take a photography theory lesson before practicing it. Though learning the theory can get the people easily bored and less fun, but by doing it, it can accelerate the learning process and increases the photo’s quality.

The main advantage from mastering the photography theory is we could make whatever photograph according to our liking. We could learn the theory of photography through many media, such as: reading books, watching the video via YouTube, or attending photography course.

  1. Tools are nice, but vision is much more better than that

Good Photographer Tools are nice, but vision is much more better than that

At a glance, most people will say that sophisticated tools will be very beneficial for the photographer because it will produce a good photograph. Sophisticated tools and its lenses contribute for the sharpness of the photo, the beautiful color, and the detail.

The usage of sophisticated tools sometimes is not enough to produce a good photo, the elements of picture composition, and the skill to see and to manipulate the light and other skills are also important to master. Although we possessed the simple tools not that sophisticated tools, we could still produce a good photograph if we focus to improve our creative vision.

  1. Photography Science can be learned and mastered by anyone

Good Photographer Photography Science can be learned and mastered by anyone

The photographer who already succeeds in taking many great photos is not doing it on the result of talent only, but working hard in those years during the journey. As Thomas Alfa Edison quotes, success is the result of 1% inspiration and 99% hard work.

So do not worry for those who feel that they do not have talent and slow in learning process, the real deal is when you have great intention to learn and willing to work hard so that we could surpass our old self as an amateur photographer and start to become a good professional photographer.

  1. Develop your photography style

Good Photographer Develop your photography style

Everyone have their own preferences in taking a photograph. Some people love to take photograph candidly, or journalism photograph, some people love black and white photos, etc. if what we love in taking photos is not a trend, sometimes we will receive a pressure from the society and not well appreciated.

Rather than changing our style of the photography to the recent trend, it’s better for us to develop our own photography style, because it’s more fun and we will improve quite fast if we continue and focus on it.

  1. Photography as a hobby and as a career is quite different

Good Photographer Photography as a hobby and as a career is quite different

Hobby and career is very different opposite pole. If we consider being photographer as a hobby, we won’t worry about the demand to earn some money from the photography itself. Becoming photographer as a hobby, we don’t to take care of client because what do we do is purely for our own satisfaction.

There will be no thinking about return of investment (ROI), so any investment that we do for the sake of it, doesn’t give any effect. In the other side, becoming a professional photographer, you need to think about many things, such as: how to manage the time to do one job to another, how to make ourselves well known so that people will hire you, etc; so you need to think deeply before changing becoming a photographer as a hobby or as a career.

  1. Lighting is complicated, but it is important to be learned

Good Photographer Lighting is complicated, but it is important to be learned

Lighting technique is important to be learned, whether it’s natural or artificial. Mr. Enche Tjin told in his blog that in his early career, he neglected and underestimated the point of lighting; he only relied on sophisticated camera and expensive lenses.

It turns out that those two equipments do not solve his problem to produce sharp result of his photos, all his photos was ordinary and common. After he learned about lighting, he could get the photos with sharpness that he wanted all this time; he could also control the color saturation and light characteristic better than before.

  1. A good subject photos

Good Photographer A good subject photos

It is very common for the professional photographer to catch the uniqueness and photogenic in every photo they take despite the bad/ touristic environment; it goes the same when the photographer try to take a photo of a model, a beautiful and skillful model will make easier the photographer’s job because they help the photographer to catch the good or the great moments. It also goes with the still life photo, food photo, etc; the choosing of food or a good subject photo itself plays an important role and giving a big impact to the photo result.

  1. Sharing

Good Photographer After mastering the science of photography, it’s a good idea to share through our works (photos), teaching the photograpy

After mastering the science of photography, it’s a good idea to share through our works (photos), teaching the photography science itself, writing the science so that people out there could learn from you, playing a role as a speaker in photography seminar, etc.

Most people try to avoid sharing their success recipe, but in fact sharing could give more beneficial to the one who share rather than to the target people shared; it could be mentally and physically. Physically, when you share some knowledge, you will get more feedback from the participant and it will enrich you knowledge, plus you can expand your network so that people will know you better for the better and greater cause to promote the world of photography in our country, Indonesia.

Mentally, when you share some beneficial things to the people, indirectly you also do a good deeds and it can enrich and lift up your degree of spirituality. You know some saying that if you do good thing, it will eventually return it to you, what comes around goes around.

At last, isn’t sharing fun activity? We can meet up with a bunch of new friends, we can discuss and exchange the idea so the creativity process won’t stop there but it roll up to the greater effect of inspiration who give to the people muse to produce a better or greater photos, not for the speaker themselves but also to the participant.

In this activity, besides sharing the recent update of trend photography, people also could share their difficulty in becoming a photographer so that they could find the solution together.

So, that is some tips and trick how to become a good photographer, don’t be discourage for you who are just start it, although it’s a long way, there will be no impossibility that you can surpass your senior.

The points is just keep doing it till you can get some acknowledgement from others and receives the bad criticism well and take it to improve your personal skill; never give up and you will shine someday whether as an amateur or professional photographer.

You can start from taking a picture to the people that you close with or to the object that you love, such as: your lover, your parents, your son/ daughter, your environment, your pet, your garden, your favorite idol/ singer/ actress/ actor, your favorite café, your favorite flower, your favorite mountain, your favorite beach, your favorite food, your favorite sky, your favorite teacher, your favorite student, your favorite shoes, your favorite scenery, your favorite city, your favorite village, your favorite bag, your favorite car, your favorite books, your favorite bugs, your favorite trees, your favorite quotes, your favorite museum, your favorite tourism spot, your favorite temple, your favorite traditional market, your favorite sport motorcycle, your crush’s facial expression, your favorite bottle perfume, your favorite outfit, your favorite church, your favorite mosque, your favorite statue, your favorite street, your favorite painting, your favorite friend, your favorite tumbler, your favorite scarf, your favorite cake, your favorite superhero, your favorite landscape, your favorite paddy field, your favorite dessert, your favorite airport, your favorite train station, your favorite bus station, your favorite castle, your favorite palace, your favorite ship, your favorite house, your favorite jewelry, etc.

You can take a photograph of everything that you want to, when you love and like it, the result of the photo would be nice and wonderful because you put your heart on it. So this is it, good luck for the rest, Cao!

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