The 11 Most Impressive Things While Traveling to Mount Bromo Indonesia

Mount Bromo and Batok

Mount Bromo Indonesia – For us Muslim youth, traveling is not just a journey. More than that, we intend to learn to know the power of God from Nature.

Because of this intention, our hearts become so calm that any difficulty during the journey can be resolved calmly. Calm because all intended for the will of the will; Allah SWT.

11 Most Impressive Things When Traveling to Mount Bromo Indonesia

This trip we held after three weeks of learning Arabic in the English village of Pare, while in this paper I will tell the 10 most memorable things when traveling to Mount Bromo.

1. Changed Thoughts

How to Get to Mount Bromo
How to Get to Mount Bromo

Initially it was not intentional. Want to the beach but instead to Mount Bromo. Because never vacation to Mount Bromo so choose Mount Bromo. Mount Bromo can indeed change the mind instantly.

2. Long Journey

Bromo Traveling

The long journey is exhausting. Especially if no one memorized the way. At that time we about 17 people went together to Mount Bromo. At that time the journey takes about 13 hours; depart from Pare Kediri to Mount Bromo.

3. Flat Tire

Mount Bromo Trekking
Mount Bromo Trekking

This is what makes you tired. When it came to a quarter of a trip, our motorcycle tires were leaking. Finally forced to guide the motorcycle. Namu praise God, not far from the scene there is a repair shop. Alhamdulillah.

4. Falling

Mount Bromo in East Java

Accidents during the trip are often the case. My mother often advised me to always remember God. Dzikirlah in the journey.

Our group there are some who fell because of the slippery factor of the streets and drowsiness that can not be dammed.

5. The Terrible Way

Mount Bromo Sunrise

Passing the winding road has become our habit when walking along Mount Bromo. There are some safe roads where all the borders are already concrete.

But there are also unlimited paths, if you do not have brakes, of course, will endanger and enter into the abyss. Perhaps the street atmosphere is like making a heart dag dig dug.

6. “The Katisen”

The unthinkable thing to Mount Bromo is katisen. In Java the term is commonly used when someone is in the rain and feels very cold.

Like my personal chauffeur Om Deniel, he suddenly shivered unknowingly, whether possessed by the jinns knowing how to shiver. Lucky to shiver only temporarily haha; …

7. The cold goes to the bones

Mount Bromo Weather

The 7th impressive event was the cold that enveloped our journey. Imagine, the higher the path, the cooler the air. The cold peak is at dawn. This is the importance of wearing a multi-layered jacket.

But if you forget to bring a jacket, I suggest to stop and drink coffee in the stalls you meet. Do not forget to also warm the body in the bonfire stalls. Do not forget to eat fried food too!

8. Sea of ​​Sand

Mount Bromo Facts

Long discussion with friends whether to continue through the sea sand path or stop silently at the stall. Because young and passionate we finally choose to continue the journey. It’s unbelievable when passing through it, like playing a game that sometimes dumps (trapped in the sand that muddy) and sometimes can pass through smoothly.

9. Cool Air in the foot of Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo Tour
Mount Bromo Tour

When will arrive at Mount Bromo, it feels very cool air there. In fact, when dibayagkan breathing seemed to be able to go directly into our lungs without filter. We feel the air is very clean and fresh.

10. Khusyuk Prayer on Mount Bromo

Prayer in Mount Bromo
Prayer in Mount Bromo
Mount Bromo in Indonesia
Mount Bromo in Indonesia

This one is a bit how to tell. However as this is part of the story, let the picture speak hehe …

11. When Mount Bromo is in front of me

Mount Bromo Temperature

Masha Allah, Allahu Akbar. That’s what comes out of our mouths. How great God’s creation and how little we humans are. There, we sempatkan to see the crater of Mount Bromo by climbing the stairs. At the top of that we feel that we are small servants, like miniature when viewed from above.

Play Games For Children

Play  Games For Children

Zamhari — Some people say  that computer games are bad for children by all means, others believe that  there games are cibriting to children’s development. Discuss  both views and your own opinion.

In this day and age, it looks like everyone has been using computer tools as a tool, just like shopping online, ordering food to play games.

It is a serious concern is the game with a computer that rampant lately. Some people assume that playing games using the computer can help the growth and development of the child. The other assumes that playing games using the computer is very dangerous when done children.

Playing games on the computer is true can improve the creativity of children, especially in this era someone needs to get used to using the computer. Some parents argue that playing games with computers can hone and improve children’s skills on computers and technological developments. In fact, some children also have income from playing online games.

On the other hand, there are many people who think that playing games online with computers is a dangerous thing for children. Instead of improving his skill and insight into the online world, it turns out the child feels addicted and alienated. As a result, the child has a weak mentality because it rarely interacts.

My opinion, I would agree more with people who forbid their children to play online games. In addition to the growth stage, children also can not distinguish between good and bad. Various bad notes that I encountered include children experiencing mental disorders, have a lack of body because it is always in front of the computer and children become passive.

In conclusion, let the children enter a period of growth in the environment. Do not sacrifice children’s childhood simply because they fear that their future will have no skills or other economic reasons. Follow the growth process of the child in order to be productive until old age.

Qual è La Notizia?

The uniqueness of Italian Naples
The uniqueness of Italian Naples

Zamhari — One of happiness is meet with the different culture friend. Not only get some experiences about his life, but also relates various side of life both white or black.

Yesterday, I had the new friend, his name was Cristian who has 27 age years. He comes from Italia, exactly in Napoli. Did you know Napoli? Napoli was one of the largest city in Italia; so, if you asked him about food, culture, or the tourism attraction, might he would confuse because it was the large city.

The first day, I and my friends (we) went to TanSu by walk. During travel, we always communicated with him, from how long still in Pare, hobby and the other topics.

Did you know Tansu? Read the full article about Pare City TanSu

When we asked about typical favorite food, he answered that favorite food was Pizza Hut. Different with favorite food in Indonesian, he prefers fried noodles so that when we arrived in TanSu, we directly order Tea Iced and Fried Noodles.

You Muslim?

I ever heared that asked about religion was banned because it related privacy. But, as matter of fact not so all, there were several countries in abroad very open mind if discuss religion.

No exception with this friend from Italian, the firstly, he asked me; “You Muslim?”. Before I answered, I confused because I afraid if I offend him. So, I just smile and my friends who answered it; “Yes, all we Muslim?”

The next, I asked him about religion, but most my friends given me to code in order to did not continue my asking. But, evidently, he has known about my questioned and he given us the answered quite calm.

Overall, he given an opinion that in Indonesia many people had good habits and attitude, especially Muslim people sine he always respects. Even, he ever said if he hears the voice of Adzan or the voice of Quran before pray, he appreciated.

Good Peoples in Indonesia

Hemm… On the other hand, we had time for discussion about some region in Indonesian such as Bali, Lombok and or course Kediri City. For him, Indonesia has beautiful Scenery and the people who kind so that very comfortable living in Indonesia than the other country.

Jogja Made From Miss

Jogja City; culture city and education city

My Home Town is place what I always proud. My home town is in Jogja. Jogja is culture and education city. I live in Jogja, the located is on Payaman Utara Girirejo Imogiri Bantul.

Over there, many culture and building. Three of them are Jathilan, Wayang dan Islamic Javanese. Not only that, in Jogja has famous building. The name is Tugu Jogja. There are also many temples and places for prayer.

At the same time, in Jogja has many café for hanging out with enjoy. Some of them, are Bakpia, Mie Ayam and Bakso.

About people in Jogja, I feel all agree if people in Jogka are very friendly. Not only that, peoples in Jogja are also generous.

As to education in my home town, society have opinion education is very important. Education is solution for life because with education peoples can incrase expectation for life.

Nevertheles, many people have farmer profession. Finally, whatever the case; Jogja made from miss.

Thank you for your attention my story. I hope you can happy after reading this story hehe…