Understanding Allahu Akbar Meaning and Its Usage

Understanding Allahu Akbar Meaning and Its Usage

Allahu Akbar Meaning — When you see Muslim people, you may have ever heard Allahu Akbar phrase. So, some of you may want to know about Allahu Akbar meaning. Allahu Akbar sounds simple, but it has a deep meaning.

In Islam religion, it is not only the combination of some words in Arabic language. But, Allahu Akbar has a philosophy and also many usages. Muslim people usually say Allahu Akbar in various situations. Read some explanation below to know more about Allahu Akbar meaning and its usage.

What Does Allahu Akbar Mean?

Allahu Akbar Meaning

As mentioned before, Allahu Akbar has a deep meaning. According to literal English translation, Allahu Akbar means God is greater. As we know that Muslim people call their God as Allah. So, Allhu Akbar means Allah is greater. In Islam religion, there is nothing that is greater than Allah. Allah is the owner of everything in the world. So, Allah is greater. Allah is the greatest too.

According to a journal entitled The Times of the Five Daily Prayers, Allhu Akbar means Allah is the greatest. Allahu Akbar often called as Takbir. It has been used in Muslim prayers. Muslim people should pray 5 times a day, or should “sholat” 5 times a day. In every pray, takbir is always used. Takbir is not only used when Muslim people praying, but it can be the phrase for reminding Muslim people of their religious commitment.

Actually, Takbir is also found in Adhan (Islamic call to prayer). It means, takbir is really important phrase in Islamic religion. The meaning of Allahu Akbar has become commitment of every Muslim. By saying Allahu Akbar in some situations, Muslim people usually feel so calm and also brave to face every situation.

Why? It is because they believe in God. God– the greatest. They always know that God will help them because can do everything that can’t be done by human.

Some of you may have ever seen Allahu Akbar in some Muslim countries. Yes, because Allahu Akbar has a deep meaning and will remind every Muslim to God, Muslim countries feature Allahu Akbar phrase on their national flags.

There are some Muslim countries which feature the phrase on their national flags, such as Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan. We can mention Allahu Akbar as important Islamic word or phrase for Muslim and usually used in prayer, adhan, and also Muslim countries property, such as flag.

When Was Allahu Akbar Phrase First Used?

When Was Allahu Akbar Phrase First Used?

When we talk about phrase in Islam religion, we may want to know the history of it. Every Muslim always believe that Allahu Akbar is not only the phrase, but it is more than that. Actually, Allahu Akbar has been used for long time ago, but the first person who said Allahu Akbar is the Prophet Muhammad. Muhammad used this phrase as a rallying cry before the battle of Badr. The battle of Badr happens on March 13, in the seventh century (624).

The battle of Badr happened in a place that is called Saudi Arabia today. The prophet Muhammad said Allahu Akbar to remind every Muslim who joins battle that Allah is greater than enemy.

Allahu Akbar phrase becomes the motivation for every Muslim to be always brave because there is nothing should be afraid of. We just need to afraid of God, because God is the greatest. The battle of Badr becomes a decisive victory for the Muslim in Mecca, and this battle also included into the biographic of Muhammad and the hadith.

The Use of Allahu Akbar Phrase

The Use of Allahu Akbar Phrase

After knowing the meaning of Allahu Akbar, you may also want to know the use of this phrase in Islamic religion. Muslim people often use this phrase every day. As mentioned before, Allahu Akbar has a deep meaning, and it has so many functions in daily life. Here are the uses of Allahu Akbar for Muslim people:

1. Phrase in Prayer

We have mentioned that Allahu Akbar can be found in prayers done by Muslim people. Yes, Muslim should pray 5 times a day, and every pray consists of takbir. Takbir is said in certain movements. There is reason of why Allahu Akbar included into prayers. First, we know that Allahu Akbar makes us remember God.

Muslim people should pray every day to remember their God. By saying Allahu Akbar in every pray, Muslim will always remember God. When it happens, Muslim will feel calm. After praying and saying Allahu Akbar, they will feel more comfortable. Have you known what Muslims feel when they have not prayed?

They will feel so uncomfortable. But after doing it, they will be able to do other things comfortably. In other word, Allahu Akbar is reminder for every Muslim, as well as the phrase to make Muslim feel more comfortable and calm.

2. Phrase in Times of Distress

As human, we usually face various situations in our life. Have you ever experienced distress situation? It may make you feel so panic and worry. Muslim people usually use Takbir (Allahu Akbar) when facing times of distress. They believe that every situation is will of God. They will say Allahu Akbar to remember their God in times of Distress.

Muslims always believe that Allah will give help for them. When they are facing times of distress, they saAllahu Akbar to get help from God. Muslims always believe in miracle given by their God. If there is no miracle happens, they always believe in fate.

Every fate happens based on will of God. So, Muslims will not blame every person, thing or God whenever time of distress happens. They just believe that God always see them, if God has will to save them, then the miracle will happen.

3. Phrase in Times of Joy and Gratitude

Not only use Allahu Akbar in times of distress, Muslims usually use this phrase in times of joy and gratitude. Yes, they always say Allahu Akbar whenever they get happiness. Not only say Allahu akabr, they also say Alhamdulillah or Subhanallah.

Every phrase said to remember God that gives them happiness. Everything that makes Muslims happy comes from God. So, every Muslim should say Allhu Akbar whenever they get happiness, wealth, and other thing that makes them happy.

Muslimbelieve that remembering God when getting happiness will make them get more happiness in the next time. Muslimbelieve that God always sees them and will give more happiness for Muslim who always remembers God.

4. Following Births and Deaths

When a baby born, Muslims usually sayAllahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar phrase said because it will remind Muslim to God. God is the greatest. Just God who creates every creature. A baby can be born to the world because of God. God who has given soul for baby.

Gowho has created the baby starts from the blood until a baby that has complete body parts. There is no person who can do it. Only God, only the greatest who can create a creature. Not only in births, Allhu akbar can be spoken in deaths.

In hadith, the prophet of Muhammad reported to have spoken Allahu Akbar after a funeral. Muslim usually follows what the prophet Muhammad done in his life. So, Muslim can also say Allahu Akbar in deaths because the Prophet of Muhammad also did it.

5. During the Eid Festival and the Hajj

Some of you may have ever seen Eid al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha. Those are Islamic fests that are always celebrated. In Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha, Allahu Akbar is always said by Muslim. As we know that Muslim should always remind of God. Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha is the gift from God to Muslims.

Muslims usually feel so happy in these Islamic fests. In Eid Al-Fitr, Muslims will be together with their family and then forgive each other. When it happens, Muslims feel so happy. Finally, they say Allahu Akbar to give thanks to Allah.

They always believe that every happiness in Eid Al-Fitr is a gift from God. It also happens in Eid Al-Adha. In Eid Al-Adha, there are so many Muslimwho become Hajj. It means that they have fulfilled pillar of Islam. So, say Allahu Akbar is really important to thanks to God because just God who makes them easy to fulfill pillar of Islam.

The Many Benefits Of Allahu Akbar Phrase (Takbir)

The Many Benefits Of Allahu Akbar Phrase (Takbir)

Why Muslims often say Allahu Akbar? This question may be asked by some people. Yes, Muslim has various phrases to remind them of God, such as Alhamdulillah, Subhanallah, Allahu Akbar, and many more. 

Actually, every phrase has a good meaning. Every phrase can be used for various purposes. For Allahu Akbar phrase, there are so many benefits of it. Muslim usually says Allahu Akbar because of these reasons:

1. To get Tranquility

As mentioned before, many Muslims who say Allahu Akbar to get tranquility. Muslims who always says Allahu Akbar in various situations usually get tranquility. They will not feel worry about anything, because they know that God always be with them. Everything happens because of the will of God.

Whenever they feel bad feeling in their heart, they just remember God by saying Allahu akbar. And then, their feeling will be better. For Muslims, Allahu Akbar is like sedative drug. By saying Allahu Akbar, their heart will get tranquility. They can also do other thing after getting tranquility. In other word, Allahu Akbar phrase used by Muslims every day because they know, saying that phrase will give them tranquility to run every activity.

2. To Avoid Bad Acts

As human, we usually forget about our role in the world. There are so many people who act so badly or doing vile acts. Actually, it just makes them become feel guilty. When it happens, they will not get happiness anymore. Muslims usually say Allahu Akbar to avoid bad acts.

Whenever there is desire to do vile act, they say Allahu Akbar to avoid that act. As mentioned before, Allahu Akbar said to remind us of God. When we remember God every time, it means we will feel so afraid to do bad act. So, we can mention Allahu Akbar as important phrase in Islam to avoid bad acts or vile acts. Finally, Muslim will always avoid bad act and just doing good acts.

3. To Get Happiness

Muslims always believe that Allah will give them happiness as long as they always act nicely. Not only that, Muslimbelieve that saying Allahu Akbar will make God always gives them happiness. As we know that Allahu Akbar and Alhamdulillah always said when Muslim get happiness.

Allah will love every Muslim who is so grateful whenever she gets happiness. Allah will send more happiness to Muslims who always be grateful. Allahu Akbar is expression to say thanks to your God. So, Muslims believe that Allahu Akbar phrase is an expression should be said when getting happiness, because it will be heard by God and God will send more happiness for them.

3. To Avoid Dangerous Situation

Many Muslims saved from dangerous situation after saying Allahu Akbar. There are so many miracles happen when Muslims say Allahu Akbar. Even, Allahu Akbar called as phrase for decreasing fire. Muslims always believe in God. God will always save them, as long as they remember God in every situation. So, Allahu Akbar phrase often said in dangerous situation to prevent worse effect of every dangerous situation.

Well, those are some information for you about Allahu Akbar meaning. After reading some information above, you may be able to conclude the meaning of Allahu Akbar. Yes, Allahu Akbar means Allah (God) is the greatest. For Muslims, Allah is the owner of everything in the world.

Allahu Akbar used for reminding Muslims of Allah, so they will get tranquility when remembering Allah. From the explanation above, we can also conclude that Allahu Akbar is important phrase in Islam religion because it is said in various situations, such as in times of distress, times of joy or gratitude, in deaths, in births, and many more.

By saying Allahu Akbar, Muslims will get many benefits from it. Hopefully, some information about Allahu Akbar meaning above will be useful for you.

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