Are You a Start Up? Here Are 5 Essential Online Networking Tips to Ensure Success

Are You a Start Up? Here Are 5 Essential Online Networking Tips to Ensure Success

Are You a Start Up? Here Are 5 Essential Online Networking Tips to Ensure Success – Networking has oft-been regarded as one of the most beneficial and efficient ways for professional to meet and gain clients. However, if this is the only avenue on which you rely, the growth of your business could be stunted.

The first step to readjust your view of networking in today’s technical society, is to debunk the common misconception that networking is limited to handshakes and the exchange of business cards.

With the rise of the Internet, networking has become less about face-to-face contact and more about the exchange of ideas, methods, resources, information and more through a virtual network. Businesses are looking into a wider range of opportunities and are finding them without ever leaving their place of work.

What about the loss of that “personal touch,” that built your business from the beginning? With these new virtual networks in place, potential clients are able to access information about your company with nothing more than a single-click. Which makes it increasingly imperative to have the best information about your services available to anyone that may be looking for them.

Are You a Start Up? Here Are 5 Essential Online Networking Tips to Ensure Success

In order to ensure you have your best foot forward, here are 5 essential tips you must know to make your online networking campaigns a success.

1. Build a Solid Online Profile

No matter what your expertise, without a solid online profile potential clients are not able to get a firm grip on who you are, and how you can serve them better than anyone else in your field. You should always have at least one solid site where you can direct potential business to learn more about you, your services, and even your pricing.

With this strong online profile, you are able to give these potential clients a full list of your credentials, certifications, achievements, awards and testimonials that will assist in building trust for your brand before the first call is even placed.

2. Be Active in Online Communities

Active online communities provide an outlet for likeminded people that share a certain quality to engage one another. If your business is driven by marketing to a specific, targeted demographic, these online communities are an excellent venue for you to promote your services.

By joining in on the discussion, creating a strong relationship with the members, and sharing information on what you can do for them, you begin to build an element of trust. By sharing this expertise with the members, they will turn to you when they need assistance, advice or direction. Online communities are about building a presence in front of the people you wish to serve.

These communities can be local, national, or even international. They allow for your business to expand its reach, and ease entrance into a market you may not know that much about. It opens the doors for your business to gain access to vital demographic data that can help you succeed anywhere in the world.

One example of such a community is . EFactor is an online site that allows entrepreneurs to create a membership for free and provides the ability to connect with thousands of other entrepreneurs just like yourself across the globe.

3. Join a Major Social Networking Site

The major social networking sites have connected millions upon millions of people worldwide – at no charge to them! Why not take advantage of these free services to promote your business to consumers that are actively engaged online, or other businesses looking to share ideas?

These services also allow for you to once again target the niche demographic you are looking to get in front of, while at the same time providing you with powerful personal information that can better help you focus what that target is.

Once you have created your profile and begun building your follower base, you are now afforded the chance of advertising your products, news and updates in front of thousands of people that are seeking them out. At the same time, this adds value to your internet presence by assisting in your search engine rankings.

4. Join in the Discussions

Take the time to invest in finding out what your audience is thinking and saying. You have the ability to not just gain key market research, but at the same time build your reputation in front of the exact people you are seeking. Letting people know what you think will lead them to consider you an expert, and turn to you when they need assistance.

5. Build and Maintain Informative Sites

You can never forget: there are always potential clients or consumers looking for the services you provide, online. You have the opportunity to assure those on a quest find what exactly what they are looking for: YOU.

Keep your sites up to date, fresh and full of information on your services and the industry you represent. Pairing this with excellent SEO will let the internet do the talking for you, and drive leads to your business without the day-to-day frustrations of hunting for them yourself!

If you keep these 5 important tips in front of you, it will merely be a matter of time before your online networking makes your business explode!

Who is Dean Howell? Part 2 – The Young Entrepreneur

Who is Dean Howell? Part 2 - The Young Entrepreneur

Who is Dean Howell? Part 2 – The Young Entrepreneur – I have always been an entrepreneur at heart right from an early age. While at school I had many part-time jobs including collecting aluminum cans, delivering pamphlets, pumping petrol, bakers assistant, and working at McDonald’s.

From a very early age it made me realise that you get rewarded for the effort you put in and for going the extra mile. Sometimes you may not want to be there but when you commit to working for someone else you need to honour that commitment to the best of your ability.

Unfortunately when you work for yourself that commitment does not get easier, if anything it gets harder, as it needs to step up a notch or two as you are now responsible for a lot more than just turning up and doing your shift. It is easy to work for someone else, in most cases, but you are a part of the goals and dreams of your boss and that does not necessarily include you.

Who is Dean Howell? Part 2 – The Young Entrepreneur

One of the best jobs that I had growing up was as a bakers assistant. I was in grade 9 at high school and would get up in the early hours of the morning to ride to work to start at 2am. Most mornings I would get chased by the local neighbourhood dog who seemed to always be laying in wait for me to ride past.

This certainly help me to get fit as I needed to get up a fair amount of speed to out run the dog. Looking back this started my love of bike riding which I still do to this day, mostly just to commute to work but sometimes some more serious rides, but I digress.

Back to my bakery story.. I would work from 2am to 8am and then head off to school. My role was to mix the dough, make some pies, fill the apple turnovers and whatever was need to be done. I always ate well these days as I was able to take pies, bread and cakes from the shop to keep me feed for the day.

My boss Ray was great to work for and he taught me many great traits about working hard and seeing the rewards for your efforts.

It was one of those jobs that you could take a lot of pride in and see the final product in a short period of time. The bakery was just a little local bakery and was well customed by the local community. It was rare for there to be anything left at the end of the day as Ray always did well to calculate the correct about of stock to bake for the day.

Unfortunately I had to give it up when my parents split up and we moved up to Brisbane. This time taught me a lot about time management and the value of doing a good job. To this day I still love to cook, especially baking which I attribute back to these days of working as a bakers assistant.

I sometimes wonder what life would have been like if I had accepted the offer of Ray’s bakers apprenticeship? The choices we made yesterday determine where we are now but to not dictate the direction from today onwards.

We were never rich, financially, as we grew up but my parents went out of their way to gives us the things in our life that seemed important, some of them were but many were just a little self indulgent. I wasn’t really into playing sports but remember always wanting that next gadget or that next computer game, maybe it is a boy thing, but I knew if I worked hard I would be able to save for these things.

I feel I had a lot more respect for the value of money and the gadgets I bought. If I can teach my kids anything, I would like to instill in them the value of things not just money but to have respect for the things that are bought for them and that eventually they will buy themselves.

I do feel that I bang my head against the wall a lot of the time but I also need to remember that I was probably the same at their age and many of these value lessons have only been learnt through my life experiences.

I do remember always being on the look out for that next get-rich-quick scheme but as a kid you rarely look at the logic. I got involved in a chain letter at one stage where you sent $20 to the first person on the list and then added your name to the bottom and then sent it out to others.

Well $20 for me those days was a days effort at the garage pumping petrol or a shift at McDonald’s but it was still a big effort. Everyone I tried to introduce to the scheme shot me down, even my biological father (I hadn’t seen or spoken to him to maybe ten years at this stage and there he was on the phone so I asked him).

I never saw my $20 again 🙁 Sometime you learn from these sorts of lessons but other times you just keep moving ahead and put it down to experience.

Another scheme a friend of my and I thought up was to develop a coupon book and sell it to people in the area so they could save at the local stores. It never was more than an idea as we never took any action, if we had maybe things would be different.

We were ahead of our time and the technology as sites like Scoopons are making gazillions now off the same sort idea .. All of these experiences help you develop as a person and with the support of a loving family you are able to make your way into the real work with some confidence.

To be continued …

Who is Dean Howell? Part 3 – The Real World

Useful Tips for Entrepreneurs to Find Investors Online

Useful Tips for Entrepreneurs to Find Investors Online

Useful Tips for Entrepreneurs to Find Investors Online – Finding investors online for a crowsourced project is not easy, especially for not so popular start ups. It takes months, even years of time to convince one venture capitalist who might or might not fund your project.

Entrepreneurs who are new into this field may find it even more difficult. The time and effort invested in this whole “Investor Search” process is immense. Convincing an investor for required capital amount is even more painful.

However, one has to look out for options and opportunities, though failures and uncertainties are the part of this job.

Let us see take an example.

You got an excellent business plan ready with you to show your fund raisers. You are optimistic about the project, its scope, and profit margin. The idea is to pitch 4 to 5 investors for the fund, get them approved and execute finally. However, after 2 to 3 months of rigorous attempt you find only 1 or 2 interested to fund on your project, but that comprises of only 25% of the capital you require.

Rest 75% is not approved or assured. Even if you do some self investments or borrow from friends and relatives it won’t make up to 100%. Therefore, you are left dimensionless in the middle.

Thus a project usually drops even before it starts, i.e. in conceptual stage only. This is a typical finance related problem entrepreneurs face during fund collection. Projects that are not sponsored by top names or brands are the worst sufferers.

How to find investors? A big question

This explains how difficult it is to search or attract potential investors in this competitive business world. There are thousands of entrepreneurs like you who are similarly trying to get funds day in day out, probably from the same investor. Each of them has great business ideas to share and all look promising to capitalists.

In fact, there is no dearth of entrepreneurship skills new age business people have. The ideas are so realistic that many investors get confused whom to select and whom to reject. A lot of other factors are involved into this as well.
Therefore approaching the right prospect and then winning the deal is worth gold. If you don’t have past record of successfully finished projects, you may not know the basics of searching or approaching investors.

Useful Tips for Entrepreneurs to Find Investors Online

Following ideas would help you get over with the challenges. However, it is up to you to exploit the opportunity as the success may vary depending on the occasions and persons involved.

1. Avoid being reticent while sharing your business plan with investors, no matter it is your first visit to them. No one is going to steal your ideas. If you are afraid though, make a copy of the plan that is not completed yet and then show it publicly. If you are confident about your project, be sure, this much information will be sufficient enough to convince your prospects.

2. Prepare a detailed business plan. It should include accounting details, revenue structure, prototype, drawings, negotiations, proposal drafts and anything that would consolidate the plan. You won’t get more than one chance to drive your best stroke.

3. Be courteous and communicative in your approach. Answer each of the queries asked to you on project developments and growth. Speak only what matters to the investors. It is better to avoid any unnecessary topic or your personal matters.

4.  Don’t act in a hurry. You may be too optimistic about your B plan, but it does not mean you have to show it on face. Fund makers may consider it a wrong approach. Having any negative impact may put your credibility in question. Remember, investors are far intelligent than you when it comes to project selections.

5. Estimating project cost is another area start ups fail to analyze most of the times. Many often they run short of money while the project is still ongoing. This may lead to imbalance in cost-work ratio and finally a sudden halt. Even if it gets finished, by the time it is over, investors start knocking doors for their share of profit. This is a pathetic situation.

6.  Employ right set of people for your projects who can really contribute significant.

7.  Prepare a good portfolio of yourself online. Link the previous works you did for other projects.
Now you may be wondering how to find investors online. Social Business networking websites are ways to start with. If you stick to the above mentioned suggestions, being successful is just a matter of time.

Why Use A Business Centre At A Time Of Recession?

Why Use A Business Centre At A Time Of Recession?

Why Use A Business Centre At A Time Of Recession? – An economic slowdown is often marked by a pessimistic business outlook. Organisations become cautious about all kinds of spending, such as human resources, machinery, employee perks, business travel and infrastructure.

In such a scenario, a business centre can help businesses significantly by reducing their spending towards real-estate, facility management, overheads, IT infrastructure, and audio and video conferencing, just to name a few.

Whether you are a small enterprise or an multinational company (MNC), a fully-furnished business centre is an ideal and cost-effective option. It not only reduces your expenses towards real-estate, but also setup and maintenance costs incurred towards furniture, fixtures and other infrastructural requirements.

Moreover, a business centre gives you customisable options and affordable service packages that work well for your changing business requirements. For example, business centres allow you sign short-term agreements, rather than long-terms leases that are required with traditional offices.

Why Use A Business Centre At A Time Of Recession?

Here is how a business centre can help:

A. Pay As You Use

When you operate from a business centre, you can do away with fixed overhead expenses. With limited recurring expenses and no obligations, companies that use business centres can experience peace of mind (since they aren’t committed to long leases), without compromising on the infrastructure that their business requires. Complete flexibility in terms of size and layouts of meeting rooms, training rooms and shared offices add to the convenience.

B. Ideally Suited For A Varying Team Size

You can quickly scale up or reduce your team sizes without worrying about the corresponding infrastructure overheads. Flexible options at business centres allow you to add temporary extra space in line with your business demands, and for events like conferences and training sessions. You can even downsize your business if necessary.

C. Maintain The Professionalism Minus The Fixed Costs

Business centres are an ideal option to reduce undesired expenses but not at the cost of your business image. Your clients are received at an excellent reception area, greeted by professionals exuding confidence and treated most cordially. Further, the fully-furnished serviced offices, meeting rooms and state-of-the-art IT infrastructure help you create and maintain a professional image.

D. Complete Business Support Services

A business centre is a complete office. You can use facilities like printing, photocopying, housekeeping, IT support, air conditioning, hospitality and refreshments, etc. The biggest advantage is that you do not need to spend and manage these overhead services – your business centre package includes all this and more!

E. Set-Up Office and Start Operations from Day One!

When you decide to work from a business centre, there is absolutely no lead time. Most business centres allow you to move in on day one and commence operations straight away. State-of-the-art workstations, ready-to-use infrastructure, spacious cabins and robust IT facilities ensure that you are up and running in no time! Moreover, if you are starting a new office or moving to a new location, a business centre is the ideal place to start.

F. Shared Office Spaces

Shared offices are facilities that share infrastructure and reduce costs. Based on your requirements, you receive a dedicated desk with a workstation and an IP phone, while other services like photocopying, printing, air conditioning are common.

This arrangement is ideal for smaller teams. You get all the benefits of a fully serviced office, without the cost!

G. Using Virtual Offices

Virtual office services are designed to let you continue operations from an external location, while your clients and prospects correspond at a separate virtual address. This allows you to have a prestigious mailing address without actually investing in a dedicated physical space.

Moreover, business centres can offer professional call handing and call forwarding services so that your client calls are answered by your company name and forwarded to a designated phone.

Virtual office solutions are designed to save costs and curtail expenses without losing on the professionalism – which can be the differentiating factor between you and your competitor during an economic slowdown.

H. Save On Travel Costs – Use Audio & Video Conferencing

Did you know – in the last year, most international airlines faced their greatest competition from IT/ Telecom companies, and their fellow airlines! This was because businesses have started curtailing travel budgets and are opting for virtual meetings through audio and video conferencing facilities.

A business centre offers you state-of-the-art IT infrastructure and flexible meeting room sizes and layouts so that you can conduct training sessions, business conferences and LIVE streaming sessions without spending on travel, stay and other overhead expenses.

Avanta’s Business Centre – New Delhi

Avanta is a leading operator of business centres in New Delhi. Located at Statesman House in Connaught Place and Southern Park, Saket, Avanta is an ideal option for MNCs as well as small and mid-sized businesses. Their central locations and the proximity to other prominent businesses make them easy to reach as well as enhancing your business image.

Along with flexible Serviced Offices, Shared Offices, Meeting Rooms, AV facilities and Virtual Office services, Avanta offers excellent support services like printing and photocopying, hospitality and refreshments, professional call handling and more… at extremely affordable and flexible rates.

The Karma Of Good Business- Bringing Value To Those You Meet

The Karma Of Good Business- Bringing Value To Those You Meet

The Karma Of Good Business- Bringing Value To Those You Meet – Giving and Receiving- The Karma of Good Business

My name is Danny Welsh and I’m an entrepreneur, marketing consultant and real estate investor that believes in doing for others is not only nice, but also fun, and can be a profitable habit. I call this the Karma of good business.

I like to give my time and money to charitable efforts, big things like helping build a school and church in the Sudan, and smaller things like volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, breast cancer initiatives, training programs for kids like teaching financial management, mentoring and spending time with foster kids, etc. I give to a couple churches and believe in the power of the tithe (i.e. sowing seeds).

I love sending thank you notes that are handwritten when someone has been kind to me, and am astounded that people enjoy that little gift so much! I also send Christmas cards to more people every year, currently over 350.
And I don’t expect anything directly in return from any of these things.

But you know what? This tendency to give to others has had an amazing effect on my business career.
In fact, it’s arguable that my best business actions (and eventually, though not initially) most profitable, sprung from a desire to give for free to others. Again the Karma of good business, in helping others I have been helped.

I gave away my time for years, working for free for a number of different successful entrepreneurs in business, seminars, marketing and real estate. I helped these real estate investors, marketers and seminar leaders with marketing, copy writing, writing, research, party and event planning and promotion, information product sales, and on and on. The result is that today I am a successful entrepreneur with growing businesses in each of these areas.

The Karma Of Good Business- Bringing Value To Those You Meet

I gave away hundreds of thousands of real estate video trainings and eBooks in 2008 in “The Greatest Real Estate Giveaway” (hope you like the name!)– and ended up selling some products and services to people afterwards who were grateful for the gift up front.

I started giving away free memberships in a social network for real estate investors years ago and that has snowballed into one of the most trafficked real estate websites in the world– and now my partners and I can recruit new potential investors for our own real estate projects from among the members, who recognize our role as leaders for having founded the network.

I began an apprenticeship program for a couple dozen aspiring entrepreneurs, internet marketers, and real estate investors annually in 2010, and I do it for free, for a full 6 months, teaching them as much as I can about business, real estate and internet marketing– and a number of them have gone on to partner with me in business in 2011, thus expanding my ability to make more money.

I’m not sure where the impetus came from for giving.

I just have always enjoyed the smiles and appreciation and respect from others.

Making money is a great bonus, but I’ve never made it my chief aim frankly.

There’s an awful lot of “I” in every sentence in what I’ve written, but the great part about giving I’ve found that is if you make it about “THEM” the “I” will always receive.

Fact is, I love to give.

A few times I’ve found it difficult. And a few people simply cannot receive, so why try? Others do not deserve gifts from anyone and when you learn that you stop trying to give.

Every gift to me is more good karma.

I do not expect always to receive from those to whom I give.

I just seem to receive from somewhere, more and more the more I give, and that is enough for me.

But giving in my business dealings with others, as I’ve shared, has always had a positive return affect from somewhere.

It’s the “sowing seeds” principle.

And it works, in life and in business.

I plan to give as much as I can to as many as I can for as long as I can.

Hope you too get a smile from some of my gifts.
– Danny Welsh

P.S. Real Deal Community where you can network for free with tens of thousands of investors around the world, and The Greatest Real Estate Giveaway hosted now on this website with 100+ trainings free from top experts, are two gifts to you. No strings attached.

Business Opportunity Success Requires Eagle- Like Prowess

Business Opportunity Success Requires Eagle- Like Prowess

Business Opportunity Success Requires Eagle- Like Prowess – Are you looking to take charge of your future, perhaps start a business? Whether you’re a college graduate or seasoned professional, finding the right business is a bold move and can be extremely daunting in today’s changing business world.

My question to you is, “If you found a business opportunity that met your goals, do you have what it takes to be an eagle in the marketplace?”

Eagles have keen vision and are committed hunters able to overcome adversity. Eagles in the marketplace have honed their sales abilities and vision, are risk-oriented, persistent and tolerant, but to be successful, they must also be empathetic to their clients.

Are you a determined Sales Professional that can take charge, be assertive and persuasive without being pushy? Are you sociable and able to listen? Can you organize? Do you like people? A good business person is able to understand how the client thinks and feels, but also knows that service and the ability to connect are indispensible.

If you believe you possess these qualities and want to start your own business, you’ll have to find the right one. You probably would like a long-term career and an opportunity where you can succeed on your own terms. Sometimes, that can be easier said than done.

You most likely already know that everywhere there are scams and bogus propositions just lurking to grab your money or get you to lick envelopes. Before you sign up for anything, you must be sure you know exactly what you are getting into.

Business Opportunity Success Requires Eagle- Like Prowess

Many scams will offer you very little compensation for lots of work, or they require you to buy into some sort of system before you can ever hope to recoup your investment. Many scams are short term proposals designed for the owner’s quick prosperity, like the thousands of shady MLM’s and franchises that come and go every day.

Deciding on the right business opportunity is also a two-way street. That is why it is a good idea to weigh carefully your desires, abilities and goals. On the company side, executives do not want to deal with personnel turnover, and on the other hand, you as an opportunity seeker do not need to waste time with bogus or severely limited opportunities when you need to be busy making a living.

Economic times are tough, but not without prospects for those that really want to put forth the kind of effort it takes to succeed. An eagle waits patiently for the right opportunity, and then dives into action. If you are looking for an opportunity to take charge of your life, it may be before you. My Zip, Inc. is looking for resilient eagles in the marketplace, ones with a discerning eye for potential.

Marketing strategies and advertising are the life-blood of any business and you’d be delivering local businesses just what they need, affordable, comprehensive and effective advertising solutions. To make the sale even more attractive, My Zip utilizes exclusivity, by registering only two businesses per business category, per zip code, thus giving the local business home-field advantage and helping them stand out in their community.

Furthermore, a cooperative effort is created by also tying the businesses to nonprofits and other worthy organizations, making the program an attractive long-term cooperative strategy. There can be 100 or more business categories in one zip code and the number of zip codes a Sales Manager can handle depends on their ability and work ethic.

People spend approximately 65% of their life working, but most traditional jobs in American society aren’t catered to people’s needs. Commuting to and from work can take hours, childcare is usually not included, and benefits are being scaled back at a steady pace. It’s for those reasons many people choose to enter into the home business market and seek out a legitimate home-based business opportunity.

My Zip seeks candidates with enthusiasm that want to fly high in the marketplace like an eagle. My Zip offers strong earning potential in the form of residual income. Sales Managers maintain their independence, set their own hours, making full use of their self-reliance and experience.

Working from home has a myriad of advantages. If you know a bit about the businesses in your community and want to meet the people that run them, you may be that person we’d like to speak to.

My Zip has definable advantages. You will work in your own community with first class sales tools, an online business suite and a great website, products that local businesses can’t afford to be without, patent-pending technology, training and team support.

My Zip’s advertising and promotional products have attractive price points, being the most affordable and effective in the industry. Our online office suite includes the trademarked and patent-pending WorkStar motivation, tracking and training system, that helps guide you to success. Regional Managers and the corporate management team will also help mentor you.

My Zip is expanding across the country. There is no cost for the My Zip business opportunity, other than purchasingbasic supplies like business cards and some promotional materials. If you are serious and passionate about your future, have a knack for common sense and the ability to take responsibility for your results, we’d love to chat with you.

You must live in the community in which you apply and have some sales experience. You must also be computer literate, possess local business community knowledge and have the ability to present our program professionally to local businesses. My Zip also requires that you have a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance upon request.

For an interview,emailopportunity@. Stake out your community now and include your name, phone number and the best times to call. A My Zip management team member will call you for an interview.