How To Invest 30000 Dollars Effectively, Take Notes to Your Note!

How To Invest 30000 Dollars Effectively, Take Notes to Your Note!

How to Invest 30000 Dollars Effectively

How to invest 30000 dollars might be the first question that pops in your mind when you win a lottery. Imagine if one day you win a lottery or a contest and you get $30,000 on your bank account. What you will do with the money? Do you use it to buy expensive things that you want for so long? Do you use it to travel to other countries and spend a day or two in luxurious hotel?

You can do anything you want with that money. But if you want to get more benefits from that money, you should invest it. Investing your cash is considered as one of the best ways of using money that you get from contests or lottery. There are various choices of investment that you can find these days. However, before you decide to invest your money, there are several important details that you might need to know first, especially if you never invest your money before.

Pay Off Your Credit Card and Create Emergency Saving

When you get $30,000 out of nowhere, the first thing that you should do is paying off your credit cards and any other items with high interest rate that you still owe. This is a very important thing that you should do before you use your money for investment. By paying your debt first, you will be able to make interest. You also don’t need to pay any taxes on the cash that you will make later on your investment as well.

The next thing that you should do is creating account for emergency savings. This is also considered as one of the most important steps that you should take before you invest your money. Try to save three to six months of bills for emergency situation. By doing this, your investment will be safer since you don’t need to use your money for paying bills in emergency situation. You will also have emergency fund that is always available as well.

Dividing the Balance

The next important part in how to invest 30000 dollars is dividing your balance into several different types of investment. Investing your money is important. But have several investments at the same time will give you more benefits. Investing your money by using asset allocation is considered as the safest way in investment.

Basically, asset allocation is a strategy that is used in investing where you divide your balance into several investments. You can put some of your funds in bonds and some other in stock or fixed investment. If you are younger, you can take more risk in investment which means that you can invest more funds in the stock market.

If you need cash for your retirement, you can use your emergency funds in the form of bank products and after that you can divide the balance. Ten to twenty percents of your funds should be placed in bonds while the balance should be placed in stock mutual funds.

Diversifying the Investment and Rebalancing the Assets

Other important thing that you should do is diversifying your investment. Even thought you’ve already divided your balance, you will still expose yourself to major risk if you put the balance in one company only. One of the best ways to diversify your fund is by using mutual funds. You need to put your fund in many companies if you want to invest successfully.

The last thing that you should do is rebalancing your assets. You need to do this every six months. By rebalancing your assets, you will be able to sell high and buy low. You also need to maintain the balance of the best assets in your situation as well. By doing this, you will be able to get the best results in how to invest 30000 dollars.

The 3 Secret and Benefit of La Hawla Wala Quwwata Illa Billah (Girasul Jannah)

The Deeper Meaning of La Hawla Wala Quwwata Illa Billah

La Hawla Wala Quwwata Illa Billah  Quran and hadith (Prophet Muhammad sayings) has many phrase or verses that has deeper meaning than what most of us know. One of them is La hawla wala quwwata illa billah. We can find it said on many hadith.

And, this is also one of many phrases or we also can call it as pray, that Prophet Muhammad recommend to us, Muslim, to say it as many as we can every day. And, we did that. However, many Muslim said it without knowing the meaning and even greater purpose behind this sentences. So, here is some information about this magnificent phrase.

The Basic Meaning of La Hawla Wala Quwwata Illa Billah

La Hawla Wala Quwwata Illa Billah

La hawla wala quwwata illa billah can be translated as “there is no power or strength except the one through Allah.” This is actually true, if we look at it from the meaning of this phrase per word. So, per word, it will be like this.

  • La = no
  • Hawla = change
  • Wa = and
  • La = no
  • Quwwata = strength or power
  • Illa = but or except
  • Bi = with or by means of
  • Llah = Allah

From the translation word by word, we can get the meaning like mentioned above. However, if we see this meaning even deeper, there is big effect that we can get.

The Deeper Meaning of La Hawla Wala Quwwata Illa Billah

La hawla wala quwwata illa billah, based on the meaning above, can be said as the statement of acknowledgement of the greatness of Allah. In this phrase, we see that there is no change in this world and our life that occurs without the power or involvement from Allah. This statement itself has greater meaning, because, you as human has trusted everything to Allah. This is what a Muslim should do to their God.

This meaning also has strong relation to our life, these days. Most of people these days are still afraid to do something for their life, because they are worried that they will fail with that. This is actually good thing, because they have developed some kind of awareness for the unpredicted event in the future. However, some of people, and even us, Muslim, still think and relate everything with physical thing, such as money and power from other human.

We usually think that money is everything. Money affects everything in this world. Or, in worst case, some human with power, position and of course once again, money, is the one that decide everything that can happen to our life. This condition is actually dangerous for Muslim, because it make us forget the position of Allah in our life, which should be the God that has power over everything that we have.

If we can understand La hawla wala quwwata illa billah deeply, we won’t be strayed from the right path, like what described above. We can say that this is important phrase that we have to apply in our life, so we can become a true Muslim.

The Benefits of Understanding and Applying La Hawla wa La Quwwata Illa Billah in Our Life

The Benefits of Understanding and Applying La Hawla wa La Quwwata Illa Billah in Our Life

By understanding that everything in this world and our life change because of God’s will, we can get lot of benefits that other people can’t get. First is how we will see our life. Acknowledging the power of Allah is like giving our life entirely to Allah.

And, as Muslim, we should know that the only one that has true and supreme power is the Great Allah. So, basically, we give our life to the best hand we ever found, Allah our Beloved God. There are some figures who I think are capable of representing excitement like Maher Zain. With this mindset, we will be able the reveal the secret of happiness and success. Why?

Happiness come from a condition where what we want is fulfilled. And, when we never felt fulfilled, we won’t be able to feel and reach the true happiness. By giving ourselves up to Allah through La hawla wala quwwata illa billah, basically we will be able to feel grateful to anything that we have and receive in our life.

This is where we can feel the true happiness. You can’t see it that we give up everything and don’t try at all to be better. That’s wrong. This is where the second secret that affects our success came from La hawla wala quwwata illa billah.

Success came as the fruit of our hard work. And, you can imagine that a hard work with Allah as our help, because we give everything to Allah will, is totally different than what you usually do without that. It will boost our confidence. And, you won’t experiences giving up your work because you found obstacle in the middle of the road.

This kind of La hawla wala quwwata illa billah mindset will help you to survive in today’s harsh competition. This calm heart and mind because of La hawla wala quwwata illa billah application in your life also give you more focus to see something. This is good thing to solve problem or create something more innovative than you ever imagined. Therefore, there is big chance that you will make breakthrough that will lead you to success goal that you’ve dreamed for so long.

The other benefits of La hawla wala quwwata illa billah are its capability to cure and solve many problems. For example, when we sick, by using this magnificent phrase as base for forming our mindset, we can get the cure and healed. There is actually reason for this condition. When we don’t giving ourselves up to the power of Allah, we only add more stress in our mind.

This will affect our physical condition, which can slow down the healing process of our disease. Of course, we can’t depend on this kind of mindset. We also need to try to cure it, by having treatment and medication that is suitable for curing our health problem. So, if we can understand and apply the real meaning of La hawla wala quwwata illa billah in our life, we will have happy life.

Allah in Arabic, Islam, and Other Cultures

Allah in Arabic Etymology and history

Allah in Arabic  The term Allah must be very familiar for all of us. It is particularly for Moslems. Yes, if you are a Moslem, you must acknowledge it well that Allah is the only God. Although in general, the meaning of Allah has been known, it is not bad to learn more about this term. Hopefully, it can just increase our knowledge as well as improving the faith and love towards him.

The Literal Meaning of Allah in Arabic

Allah itself is indeed a word of Arabic means God. Although Allah is widely known through Islam tradition based on its Holy Book Al Quran, this term was actually used before that. Allah was used by pra-Islam communities including Christian Arabic, Babism, and Baha’i.

Meanwhile, Mizrahi Jews also has been used it since a very long time ago although not in an exclusive way. if we translate it literally without any religion unsure, Allah or Al-lah means the God. It has some relative words in other Semitic languages including Elah in Aramaic, El in Canaan, and Elohim in Hebrew.

Allah in Arabic: Etymology and History

Allah in Islam's perspective

Before Islam was coming through Prophet Mohammed in 6th century, people in Arab and other areas around had worshipped invisible creatures who was also known as Allah. Some of the religions being existed at that time has been mentioned above; they are Christian, Babism, Baha’i, and some groups of Jews. Some theories then try to analyze the word of Allah etymologically.

One of the theories stated that the word Allah comes from two words Al, means “the” and ilah, means “God”. Therefore, it becomes “the God”. However, different from the definition of Allah believed by Moslems, Allah before Islam refers to the God, just like other gods known and worshipped in the previous cultures. The God here does not mean “the only one” emphasized in Islam.

Meanwhile, another theory said that this word came from Aram language or Aramaic; Alaha. Although the origin of Allah in this theory is different from the previous one, the meaning is just the same. It is God.

The third theory is that the word Allah was even older than that. The meaning is just the same; Allah is the omniscient creator. However, it came from Mesopotamia where the Semitic clumps were begun. The Mesopotamian had recognized the word El or Ill as the highest level of Gods in Babylonian Pantheon. However, this kind of God seemingly generates from another older culture. It is based on the fact that El or Illiterally meant the only God who created the sky and the earth.

Based on the facts, the term Allah basically has a very long history. However, it can be summarized that this term was originally from Semitic language. Then, it was generated into many other languages with some variations like El, Il, and Illah. When it comes to Arabic, it was then known mostly as Allah. Meanwhile, the meanings are still the same.

Allah is basically the God. However, the term God itself can be different based on the religious that brought it up. Before Islam, Allah is just an “ordinary” God. More than that, it was more about the great creatures that can be divided into some more depending on the beliefs.

A good example is Christian who believes that God is being representated into three; they are Allah, Jesus, and Holy Spirit. Jesus was then being the representative of Allah in the form of human in which he also adapted Allah’s characteristics.

Meanwhile, Allah in Babylon was functioned likely Zeus in ancient Greece. It was the leader of other Gods in lower levels and positions.

Allah in Islam’s Perspective

The Literal Meaning of Allah in Arabic

The beliefs mentioned above were argued by Islam since this religion only confesses Allah as a single creature without any other representations. There are many sentences in Al Quran that emphasize Allah as a single creature, the beginning and the last, and without parents and child.

Therefore, it becomes a common debate within the Moslem scholars when they must deal with translating Allah. Commonly, Allah is translated as the God since it is indeed the literal meaning. However, God may not properly represent Allah. Why? God in English has a really broad meaning.

It can be plural; Gods – this is in opposite to Islam’s view where Allah is definitely only one. Meanwhile, God also represents something masculine in which it has the feminine form; Goddess – this is again in opposite to Islam’s view where Allah doesn’t has any gender.

Allah is also often associated to Yahweh in Jews. Despite of both have the same functions and may refer to the same creature, it seems that Al Quran describes Allah in broader way. In Al Quran, Allah is the universal God for anybody on the face of the earth. It is different from Yahweh which is only intended for the children of Israel.

Based on those facts, the wiser decision is not to translate Allah into any other languages. The literal meaning is indeed God but Allah is special and different from other gods. It is the only creator and ruler of universe Moslems have.

More than that, this word is also very precious, merciful, and closely related to the faith so that any Moslem must keep it like that. The main consequent of translating Allah being afraid by the scholars is that the translation may change the meaning as well as the entire monotheism concept held tightly by Moslems.

Why is Allah More Related to Islam?

Why is Allah More related to Islam

The lessons of Islam were delivered through Al Quran and Prophet Mohammed. As we all know, Mohammed was a citizen of Arab. It means that the language he used daily is Arabic. Based on the explanation in the previous point, Allah was indeed a kind of Semitic mother-language while Arabic was also generated for it.

The term Allah is mentioned numerously in Al Quran, the holy book of Moslems. The spreading of Islam throughout centuries was done without changing the holy book even for a little bit. This is the main reason why, the term Allah seems closer to Islam even though other religions and beliefs may use it also.


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Understanding Allahu Akbar Meaning and Its Usage

Understanding Allahu Akbar Meaning and Its Usage

Allahu Akbar Meaning — When you see Muslim people, you may have ever heard Allahu Akbar phrase. So, some of you may want to know about Allahu Akbar meaning. Allahu Akbar sounds simple, but it has a deep meaning.

In Islam religion, it is not only the combination of some words in Arabic language. But, Allahu Akbar has a philosophy and also many usages. Muslim people usually say Allahu Akbar in various situations. Read some explanation below to know more about Allahu Akbar meaning and its usage.

What Does Allahu Akbar Mean?

Allahu Akbar Meaning

As mentioned before, Allahu Akbar has a deep meaning. According to literal English translation, Allahu Akbar means God is greater. As we know that Muslim people call their God as Allah. So, Allhu Akbar means Allah is greater. In Islam religion, there is nothing that is greater than Allah. Allah is the owner of everything in the world. So, Allah is greater. Allah is the greatest too.

According to a journal entitled The Times of the Five Daily Prayers, Allhu Akbar means Allah is the greatest. Allahu Akbar often called as Takbir. It has been used in Muslim prayers. Muslim people should pray 5 times a day, or should “sholat” 5 times a day. In every pray, takbir is always used. Takbir is not only used when Muslim people praying, but it can be the phrase for reminding Muslim people of their religious commitment.

Actually, Takbir is also found in Adhan (Islamic call to prayer). It means, takbir is really important phrase in Islamic religion. The meaning of Allahu Akbar has become commitment of every Muslim. By saying Allahu Akbar in some situations, Muslim people usually feel so calm and also brave to face every situation.

Why? It is because they believe in God. God– the greatest. They always know that God will help them because can do everything that can’t be done by human.

Some of you may have ever seen Allahu Akbar in some Muslim countries. Yes, because Allahu Akbar has a deep meaning and will remind every Muslim to God, Muslim countries feature Allahu Akbar phrase on their national flags.

There are some Muslim countries which feature the phrase on their national flags, such as Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan. We can mention Allahu Akbar as important Islamic word or phrase for Muslim and usually used in prayer, adhan, and also Muslim countries property, such as flag.

When Was Allahu Akbar Phrase First Used?

When Was Allahu Akbar Phrase First Used?

When we talk about phrase in Islam religion, we may want to know the history of it. Every Muslim always believe that Allahu Akbar is not only the phrase, but it is more than that. Actually, Allahu Akbar has been used for long time ago, but the first person who said Allahu Akbar is the Prophet Muhammad. Muhammad used this phrase as a rallying cry before the battle of Badr. The battle of Badr happens on March 13, in the seventh century (624).

The battle of Badr happened in a place that is called Saudi Arabia today. The prophet Muhammad said Allahu Akbar to remind every Muslim who joins battle that Allah is greater than enemy.

Allahu Akbar phrase becomes the motivation for every Muslim to be always brave because there is nothing should be afraid of. We just need to afraid of God, because God is the greatest. The battle of Badr becomes a decisive victory for the Muslim in Mecca, and this battle also included into the biographic of Muhammad and the hadith.

The Use of Allahu Akbar Phrase

The Use of Allahu Akbar Phrase

After knowing the meaning of Allahu Akbar, you may also want to know the use of this phrase in Islamic religion. Muslim people often use this phrase every day. As mentioned before, Allahu Akbar has a deep meaning, and it has so many functions in daily life. Here are the uses of Allahu Akbar for Muslim people:

1. Phrase in Prayer

We have mentioned that Allahu Akbar can be found in prayers done by Muslim people. Yes, Muslim should pray 5 times a day, and every pray consists of takbir. Takbir is said in certain movements. There is reason of why Allahu Akbar included into prayers. First, we know that Allahu Akbar makes us remember God.

Muslim people should pray every day to remember their God. By saying Allahu Akbar in every pray, Muslim will always remember God. When it happens, Muslim will feel calm. After praying and saying Allahu Akbar, they will feel more comfortable. Have you known what Muslims feel when they have not prayed?

They will feel so uncomfortable. But after doing it, they will be able to do other things comfortably. In other word, Allahu Akbar is reminder for every Muslim, as well as the phrase to make Muslim feel more comfortable and calm.

2. Phrase in Times of Distress

As human, we usually face various situations in our life. Have you ever experienced distress situation? It may make you feel so panic and worry. Muslim people usually use Takbir (Allahu Akbar) when facing times of distress. They believe that every situation is will of God. They will say Allahu Akbar to remember their God in times of Distress.

Muslims always believe that Allah will give help for them. When they are facing times of distress, they saAllahu Akbar to get help from God. Muslims always believe in miracle given by their God. If there is no miracle happens, they always believe in fate.

Every fate happens based on will of God. So, Muslims will not blame every person, thing or God whenever time of distress happens. They just believe that God always see them, if God has will to save them, then the miracle will happen.

3. Phrase in Times of Joy and Gratitude

Not only use Allahu Akbar in times of distress, Muslims usually use this phrase in times of joy and gratitude. Yes, they always say Allahu Akbar whenever they get happiness. Not only say Allahu akabr, they also say Alhamdulillah or Subhanallah.

Every phrase said to remember God that gives them happiness. Everything that makes Muslims happy comes from God. So, every Muslim should say Allhu Akbar whenever they get happiness, wealth, and other thing that makes them happy.

Muslimbelieve that remembering God when getting happiness will make them get more happiness in the next time. Muslimbelieve that God always sees them and will give more happiness for Muslim who always remembers God.

4. Following Births and Deaths

When a baby born, Muslims usually sayAllahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar phrase said because it will remind Muslim to God. God is the greatest. Just God who creates every creature. A baby can be born to the world because of God. God who has given soul for baby.

Gowho has created the baby starts from the blood until a baby that has complete body parts. There is no person who can do it. Only God, only the greatest who can create a creature. Not only in births, Allhu akbar can be spoken in deaths.

In hadith, the prophet of Muhammad reported to have spoken Allahu Akbar after a funeral. Muslim usually follows what the prophet Muhammad done in his life. So, Muslim can also say Allahu Akbar in deaths because the Prophet of Muhammad also did it.

5. During the Eid Festival and the Hajj

Some of you may have ever seen Eid al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha. Those are Islamic fests that are always celebrated. In Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha, Allahu Akbar is always said by Muslim. As we know that Muslim should always remind of God. Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha is the gift from God to Muslims.

Muslims usually feel so happy in these Islamic fests. In Eid Al-Fitr, Muslims will be together with their family and then forgive each other. When it happens, Muslims feel so happy. Finally, they say Allahu Akbar to give thanks to Allah.

They always believe that every happiness in Eid Al-Fitr is a gift from God. It also happens in Eid Al-Adha. In Eid Al-Adha, there are so many Muslimwho become Hajj. It means that they have fulfilled pillar of Islam. So, say Allahu Akbar is really important to thanks to God because just God who makes them easy to fulfill pillar of Islam.

The Many Benefits Of Allahu Akbar Phrase (Takbir)

The Many Benefits Of Allahu Akbar Phrase (Takbir)

Why Muslims often say Allahu Akbar? This question may be asked by some people. Yes, Muslim has various phrases to remind them of God, such as Alhamdulillah, Subhanallah, Allahu Akbar, and many more. 

Actually, every phrase has a good meaning. Every phrase can be used for various purposes. For Allahu Akbar phrase, there are so many benefits of it. Muslim usually says Allahu Akbar because of these reasons:

1. To get Tranquility

As mentioned before, many Muslims who say Allahu Akbar to get tranquility. Muslims who always says Allahu Akbar in various situations usually get tranquility. They will not feel worry about anything, because they know that God always be with them. Everything happens because of the will of God.

Whenever they feel bad feeling in their heart, they just remember God by saying Allahu akbar. And then, their feeling will be better. For Muslims, Allahu Akbar is like sedative drug. By saying Allahu Akbar, their heart will get tranquility. They can also do other thing after getting tranquility. In other word, Allahu Akbar phrase used by Muslims every day because they know, saying that phrase will give them tranquility to run every activity.

2. To Avoid Bad Acts

As human, we usually forget about our role in the world. There are so many people who act so badly or doing vile acts. Actually, it just makes them become feel guilty. When it happens, they will not get happiness anymore. Muslims usually say Allahu Akbar to avoid bad acts.

Whenever there is desire to do vile act, they say Allahu Akbar to avoid that act. As mentioned before, Allahu Akbar said to remind us of God. When we remember God every time, it means we will feel so afraid to do bad act. So, we can mention Allahu Akbar as important phrase in Islam to avoid bad acts or vile acts. Finally, Muslim will always avoid bad act and just doing good acts.

3. To Get Happiness

Muslims always believe that Allah will give them happiness as long as they always act nicely. Not only that, Muslimbelieve that saying Allahu Akbar will make God always gives them happiness. As we know that Allahu Akbar and Alhamdulillah always said when Muslim get happiness.

Allah will love every Muslim who is so grateful whenever she gets happiness. Allah will send more happiness to Muslims who always be grateful. Allahu Akbar is expression to say thanks to your God. So, Muslims believe that Allahu Akbar phrase is an expression should be said when getting happiness, because it will be heard by God and God will send more happiness for them.

3. To Avoid Dangerous Situation

Many Muslims saved from dangerous situation after saying Allahu Akbar. There are so many miracles happen when Muslims say Allahu Akbar. Even, Allahu Akbar called as phrase for decreasing fire. Muslims always believe in God. God will always save them, as long as they remember God in every situation. So, Allahu Akbar phrase often said in dangerous situation to prevent worse effect of every dangerous situation.

Well, those are some information for you about Allahu Akbar meaning. After reading some information above, you may be able to conclude the meaning of Allahu Akbar. Yes, Allahu Akbar means Allah (God) is the greatest. For Muslims, Allah is the owner of everything in the world.

Allahu Akbar used for reminding Muslims of Allah, so they will get tranquility when remembering Allah. From the explanation above, we can also conclude that Allahu Akbar is important phrase in Islam religion because it is said in various situations, such as in times of distress, times of joy or gratitude, in deaths, in births, and many more.

By saying Allahu Akbar, Muslims will get many benefits from it. Hopefully, some information about Allahu Akbar meaning above will be useful for you.

Understanding Bismillah Meaning Even Deeper

Understanding Bismillah Meaning Even Deeper

Bismillah Meaning — Muslim usually says Bismillah every time they start something. It’s like a habit. It’s automatically said whenever we want to do something. And, with the short phrase as it is, it’s easy to remember and say. But, do you know Bismillah meaning?

The Meaning of Bismillah

Bismillah Meaning

Bismillah commonly translate it as “In the name of Allah”, which if we see it from the meaning per words in this phrase, it doesn’t seem correct, if we translate it literally. For understanding more about this meaning, we can see the meaning of each word in Bismillah. Bismillah consist of three words, which are “bi”, “ism” and “illah” the other name of Allah, our God. Each of these words has different meaning.

  • Bi

The word “bi” here means by, for or by means of. We can see it as the word that will direct the act toward anything that can happen next or after that act.

  • Ism

This word is actually the root of other word, which is s-m-w or a-s-m. This word is used to identify something, its name, essence and other. So, “ism” is actually word that can show you the means that explained something special, or means that can be used to identify a mark. Basically, we use this word to show that the next word that explained by “ism” is the owner or something that affect the previous word.

  • Illah

“Illah” came from “Illahi” or God. So, in Islam term, this word describes Islam God, which is Allah. Other description is this word came from the word Allah from Arabic, which is the name of the One. And, if we see it much more, we can see that this word has Semitic root from thousands years in the past.

There is relation with Canaanite Elat, or El and Elohim from Hebrew and there is also Alaha from Aramaic. All of these words have one similar meaning, which is unity or oneness. This word also was used to describe the eternal power. This power included on all existence and non-existence being. This world is also translated as God in English, which based on Sanskrit word, “hu”, which has meaning as something that is worshipped, honored or adored.

So, based on that explanation above, we can translate Bismillah meaning as, “by means of the very essence of God”, “for the glory of our Creator”, “with the light of the One” and many more. Basically, Bismillah is used to depict the inability that we, human, have in front of our God.

In simple way, we need our God to do anything in this world, including living and even breathing. This phrase also can be said as the way we acknowledge the greatness of our God, Allah. It’s simple as like that. However, Bismillah meaning can’t only be described with the translation of each word like above. If we know and understand more about the meaning of Bismillah, we will find out the true and greatness of this simple phrase.

The Magnificent Meaning Behind Bismillah for Muslim

The Magnificent Meaning Behind Bismillah for Muslim

Bismillah meaning has deeper understanding that you can get as Muslim. By saying Bismillah every time we are going to do something, it can be said we understand that everything in this world can work and run because of our God, Allah. In simple way, we can say that anything that we do, any event that we experience, anything that occur and happen in this world, is caused by, is done for and through the power and essence of Allah, our God.

It’s not because of our work that everything happens or we get something. It’s all because of Allah. Bismillah also is the way to say that every opportunity that we found isn’t coming accidentally. It’s all because of Allah has will to give those opportunities to us.

And, if we think even deeper, we can do anything like what we usually do today, because the Creator has given us life, ability and brain that make us able to do all of that. So, everything that we can do and even our existence came from the Allah, the very essence of our life.

What explained above can be said as the reminder of us, as Muslim and human. Bismillah meaning reminds us about our position and the greatness of our God. However, there is more than that. Bismillah is also phrase that can show us the close relationship between us, human, and our God. This is also the proof that we love our God so much. We can say the closest thing in this world and our life is our God, through this simple phrase of Bismillah.

Bismillah also has meaning as the way to express our awe and thankfulness to Allah, our God. It also have meaning as the way to grateful everything that our God has given to us, health or wealth, as well as chance in our life. So, by saying Bismillah, you are humbly offering yourself to Allah.

The Benefits of Saying Bismillah

The Benefits of Saying Bismillah

With all the greatness that we can find behind Bismillah meaning, we also can get many benefits from saying Bismillah in many occasions. Like mentioned above, we surrender ourselves to God, when we say Bismillah. So, basically, when we read Bismillah every time we want to do something, we realize that everything that can happen when we do that thing is caused by God. It’s all God will.

There is big benefit that we can get with this kind of mindset. We can be more relax and work harder, because we believe that our beloved God will give us the best result for us. Therefore, with this condition, there is big chance that we can finish our work more perfectly and much easier.

And, we will have more power to reach our goal and success. Therefore, we can conclude, if we want to success in our life, we can start it by saying Bismillah in everything we want to do. It doesn’t only a way to acknowledge our God and surrender ourselves to Allah, but also a pray, that what we do will be blessed by Allah and produce good result like what we want.

What Does Mashaallah Mean in Islam?

Mashaallah and Subhanallah

What Does Mashaallah Mean  For Moslems, the term Mashaallah must not be a strange thing. It is commonly uttered while facing certain conditions like being amazed or impressed by someone, something, or a condition.

In other words, it is a kind of expression for award or appreciation along with a reminder that all the achievement must be done under the power and wants of Allah, Moslems’ only god. So, do you want to learn more about this expression? Here is the further explanation.

What does Mashaallah Mean Literally?

If we translate this sentence literally from Arabic to English without any other deeper meaning, Mashaallah means “Allah wills it” or “It is all done under Allah’s willingness”. It is based on the belief, doctrine, and ideology of Islam itself which is emphasized on the power of Allah. More than that, Islam is also a religion that truly believes in destiny.

In Islam, anything happened in this world has been written on the pages namely Lauhul Mahfudz. There are some opinions related this Lauhul Mahfudz. Some Moslem scholars claim that it consists of conditions or destiny that cannot be changed by people.

Meanwhile, some others argued that as they said that some conditions may be changed by people due to their efforts. However, although people may have a power to change something, it is still not being happened well without the permission of Allah. That’s the essence.

What does Mashallah Mean Etymologically?

What Does Mashaallah Mean in Islam

According to the book of Tafsir Al Quranul Karim Surat Al Kahf, authorized by Sheikh Muhammad bin Shalih Al Utsaimin, it is stated that Mashaallah can be defined into two meanings. Why are there two? It is because of the structure of the sentence that can be translated into two ways.

First, it is by placing the word “maa” as the conjunctions as well as the predicate or verb. Meanwhile, the subject or mubtada’ (Arabic) in the sentence is a kind of hidden subject. It is “hadzaa”. Therefore, the complete form of Mashaallah is actually “hadzaa maa syaa Allah”. When you translate it into English, it means “this is what has been wanted by Allah”.

Second, the word “maa” in Mashaallah or “maa syaa Allah” is a noun that indicates cause. Meanwhile, phrase “syaa Allah” is the verb indicating cause (fi’il syarath). The known indicating cause (syarath) in this sentence is hidden. It is “kaana”. The complete form for Mashaallah is “maa syaa Allahu kaana” which means “what is willed by Allah, this is what will happen”.

The conclusion is sentence Mashaallah is able to be translated into two main translations; they are “this is what has been wanted by Allah” or “what is willed by Allah, this is what will happened”. It is clear than why as Moslems, we need to utter Mashaallah or Masyaallah when we see something amazing. It is more than just an utterance; it is about how we feel so grateful and realize that those amazing things can be happened just because the power of Allah.

The Order

Although literally Mashaallah means those ways; as it has been explained above, it is important to know why we must utter that sentence. The order is on Surah Al Kahf sentence 39. The translation is as follow, “So, why don’t you utter it while entering your garden Maa syaa Allah, Laa Quwwataa illaa billah”. Since the main guidance of Moslems in this world is Al Quran, it is really a must for us to follow that order anyway.

Mashaallah and Subhanallah

What Does Mashaallah Mean

In many traditions, the terms of Mashaallah and Subhanallah are often switched. Yes, if based on the explanation above, Mashaallah is the right term for being-amazed expression; in fact, it is not for many people nowadays. Subhanallah is often used anyway. Sure, it is something wrong that needs to be fixed. So, what is Subhanallah Anyway?

There are mainly two opinions for this matter. The first opinion said that the utterance of tasbih sentence or Subhanallah is right to be done when the person has been wondered but also amazed toward a certain happening. However, it can be done also if the person sees or hears something inappropriate particularly towards Allah.

There is a primary base why Subhanallah is right to be used for wondering expression. Based on Hadith of Bukhari 279; Abu Hurairah ra. had met Prophet Mohammad while he was not in a clean condition. Then, he cleaned himself without saying a word to the prophet. After his comeback, Prophet Mohammed asked him why he did go.

Abu Hurairah answered that he was not clean and he did not like to sit down with the prophet when he was not in a clean condition. Then, Prophet Mohammad replied: “Subhanallah, there is no Moslem who is dirty”.

Meanwhile, the second opinion is Subhanallah can be uttered when you see something amazing and beautiful, with a note it is purely from Allah without any human intervention. Good examples are when you see beautiful landscape, naturally beautiful person, and miracle things.

Besides, it is also allowed to be uttered when you see disasters like earthquake, flood, and others. In other words, Subhanallah is proper to be said to amaze the greatness of Allah, whatever the condition whether it is good and bad.

It is clearly different then the use of Masyaallah and Subhanallah. Masyaallah is used to appreciate something good and beautiful in general. It is for any good thing whether it is naturally happened due to Allah’s power or there is also for human intervention. Meanwhile, Subhanallah is to appreciate anything whether it is good or bad which is happened only because of Allah’s wants and power.

The Conclusion

There are many terms from Al Quran in which not all Moslems are probably acknowledged. The Moslems, maybe including us, tend to utter it because of habits or the influence of environment around. Unfortunately, not all the utterances are correctly used. Masyaallah is one of the examples. Therefore, it is important to learn more about it event into the core so that it can just add the reward and bless Allah may give to us.

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