Smart Passive Income; How to Make Passive Income?

Smart Passive Income; How to Make Passive Income?

Since I was studying in Islamic University, I have planned for my life. My plan about my business. I am from the journalistic program, so I want to build online media.

Two years ago, I took training in online marketing for one year. The next, I have the plan to take English training in Pare. Why I choose Pare?

I prefer Pare Inggris village because I need English course. I need English course for my study, Insha Allah. I will continue my study in abroad. So, In Pare, I will take IELTS program.

Use English; I will develop my business about online media. So that, I will develop site English version. I have planned for getting passive income from the site.

Therefore, I will explain to you one by one. Firstly, about Paren Inggris Village. I think study English need willingness. I have often try study English, but I failed. My mind, this is because I do not focus.

I choose Pare, and I spend two weeks in Pare, I feel there is something different. I found much knowledge about English that I’ve never got in my schools before.

Here, If I make a mistake, I can ask my tutor in camp. Even; I can discuss with the senior member. This is an excellent experience in the result that I can take the knowledge I need.

I like the rule in Pare, especially at Webster. This rule from was very great start from in the result that division of time and the English lesson.

At last, why I choose Pare because at Webster teachers so friendly and I feel I get spirit from them. Don’t forget; I feel very grateful about that.

How To Make Passive Income by English?

How To Make Passive Income by English

I have a lot of goals in Pare, one of the important things is must be able writing. Why? Because if I can write, I can develop my business, good speaking and get a scholarship in abroad.

In this part, I just focus on making passive income. It’s from the secure site doesn’t need significant capital. You just prepare money around 5 million. For what?

1 million for make website plus install plugin and some support tools. And then, you have still had 4 million. 4 million for Maintenace.

Short Term Versus Long Terms

There is two types article, that is short term thing same as news, issue report and all about the hot news. Besides that, you can meet long term article like SEO article. SEO article is long term material is made loy using analysis from a data provider.

Differentiate, news article for short term, my mind for this type article is impossible. And about SEO articles, this kind for a long time. So, with type, this article a business man can get passive income.

How’s Working to Get Passive Income?

The chapter will be learned how’s working for article business. First, the things must have the site. After having a site, don’t forget to manage the site from update report until maintenance.

Humble enough, first step you just search keywords from a data provider. Enough ten keywords with little specification competitor, looking for something,

The next, writers can write on site. Write activity must update for three months. And then, the step is optimistic. Optimasi is the effort into the place to can get page one. If you can increase your article in Google, your story can read user.

What is Streng This Bussines?

Every day, most people need news, not only in Indonesia but also in the whole of the world. Believe or not, now data has indicated that more or less 3 billion people open gadget to search news. This data is happy news for the publisher because this is significant opportunities.


Debt Free and Investment Tips from Dave Ramsey Retirement Investment

Dave Ramsey Retirement Investment

Debt Free and Investment Tips from Dave Ramsey Retirement Investment

Dave Ramsey retirement investment is a company engaged in investment and financial advisory. As a company engaged in one of the most basic areas of human life, Ramsey would have been very familiar with debt and investment. Two things are always a problem in finance. Debt is the most common thing done when a person wants to meet the needs but has financial deficiencies, while investment is the thing done to develop finance.


With the many needs and payments, sometimes people have to be forced into debt. The problem is, some people believe that they can recover the debt but ultimately have trouble because of miscalculation and planning. Here are some things you can do to get out of debt.

  1. Creating Debt List

Make a list of debts from the smallest to the largest or if you have debts of the same magnitude, then prioritize those who have greater interest or who have matured.

  1. Pay as You Can

Regardless of the amount paid, at least you have reduced the amount of your debt. Do the same with what you do when you create a list of debts; The smallest or near-due payment. After paying off one debt, immediately repay the other debt. Do not stop until all your debts are paid off. Do not stop paying.

  1. Do not Go Into Debt to Pay off Debt

Debt overdue will require you to sell the asset or forced into debt to pay off an old debt.

  1. Pre Debt Accounting

Before you take debt, you have to plan and think things through so you do not have problems.


Investments are made to increase finances. Here are some things you can do in your investment.

  1. Think

Rational thinking is the most important thing to do before you invest. Many people just think about success and profit. Wrong! Think about the effectiveness of the investment you are about to make. Do not forget to think about the action to take if the investment does not go as planned or as expected.

  1. Long Term Investment

Make a long-term investment. Many people are eager to have fun while benefiting from the investment they make. You should postpone your wishes and as much as possible increase your investment (use the profit for investment). Do not use all the benefits for investment, use some and the rest you can use to improve the quality of life. Think that the investment and the profits you get are what you will use after you are not working (retirement). Long-term investment is the same as saving, of course with far greater profits.

  1. Right Dicission

Choosing an investment partner should not be done carelessly. Choose a partner who has at least 10 years of experience and proven successful. Do not be tempted by big profits in no time or you will only be deceived.

  1. Stock Mutual Funds

Stock is the higher level of investment. Stock mutual fund helps you to analyze the value of stocks. The terms mutual fund is used to represent several people that invest together at the same stocks. Invest to the single stock investing. Single stock investing has a relatively small risk so that if your stock price falls, you will not experience much loss. Conversely, the profit gained is greater than the risk of loss.

  1. Consultation with Investment Professional

Many people who invest are based solely on the invitation of the nearest person and instinct. It is rare to talk about this with professionals. When you are invited to invest with the nearest person you trust, you will only rely on trust and instinct, but you are not thinking about some important things like profit, risk, type of investment, how to work, and the security of your investment.

Trust and instinct may work in some way, but when we talk about some money, you should contact an investment professional. Incorrect instincts and beliefs can lead to huge losses and even lower your quality of life and finances. Financial advisors such as Dave Ramsey retirement investment can help you make the right and profitable investment for your great retirement time.

Visit Pare; 10 of The Best English Courses in Pare

Visit Pare; 10 of The Best English Courses in Pare

Now, I am studying in Pare English Village. You know? If you don’t know about Pare English Village, I will tell you about it.

Pare English Villahe located is at Jl. Anggrek No. 24 Pare Kediri Jawa Timur 642120. Especially, now I study at Webster institution.

My mind, Pare has good environment for studying. Why? Because in Pare you can get many café, food store and place for hanging out. Don’t miss it, many people not only hang around, but also they are studying in wherever.

If you study in Pare, at the same time you can also play game and study. Yups, here all learning with happy.

The corcerning about rule study, I feel very enjoy and I agree. Basically, my daily activity in here very good because I start to study  from at 05.30 am, and I can to take a nap at 12.00 am.

Even, every Saturday and Monday, I and all my friends get free day. So, this is very good rule and very support for studying. This condition also has extra supplement English study in camp.

In Zeal Boy 3, if anyone speak not with English will get 1 point. So, can or can not must be able do it.

Will You Rent Camp or Boarding House?

Usually, every institutions has camp for stay. But, if you choose other camp for stay; no problem. You just only prepare money 200.000 – 500.000 for every month. So, if you taje 6 month program, you must prepare 1.200.000 millions.

My suggestion is better you choose camp near mosque. Many advantages you can get if your camp near from mosque; like that; you can pray on time, always get up early and you can follow some majelis knowledge.

3 Tips How Choose to Course in Pare English Village

Pare Inggris Village
Pare Inggris Village

After I stay 2 tweeks in Pare, I have many tips for choose course. Yes, because not a little person wrong to take course. So, I will explain you how to choose course in Pare.

1. Priority

If you visit to Pare, what your purpose? If you want study to abroad, you can take IELTS program. But, if you have not good skill, I suggestions for you to take rehab one until rehab two.

Why? Beause with rehab English, you can know about basic English. The next, you can explain and grow alone.

The other examp, you can to take toefl program. Usually, toefl program used for study in domestic scholarship. So, your priority is very important, you must have planning to get goals. Basically, success on the your hand.

2. Time

Watch your time; long or short? If you just have short time, you can to take 2 tweeks program. You can take regular program and start understand skill English.

If you have long time, you can to take six month program; there you can to get many skill Englis like that writing, speaking, teaching and the other skill English.

3. Limitations of Money

Money is not important, but we just only need, hehe… Money is one of consider when you will take program in Pare. One of the most things about your needs. Now, we know all price to increase. So, you must smart money manage.

Nevertheless, don’t be sad because now you can get scholarship in Pare. Generally, scholarship will open every date 20-30 per month. Hemm, there are many step go to your ambition.

How to Look For Food Store in Pare?

English Course in Pare Kediri

Pare has many food store. There are many food store especially for middle class, midlle to lower class and middle up class hehe…

Seriously, if you feel middle class, you can to look for eat in food store with price 10.000. If you middle to lower class, you can get eat in food stor with price 3.000-6.000 and, if you feel middle up class, you can get eat in food store with price 10.000-20.000.

Many food can you find in Pare like that sate, pecel, bakso, mie ayam, ayam bakar, ayam goreng, angkringan, café or the other food store.

Holidays in Pare City

Car free day in Pare English Course

Generally, society in Pare City use bike to study or holidays. Just 70.000 until 150.000, you can rent bicyecle during one month. Want to save more?

You can buy bicyecle If you stay in Pare during six month. Maybe, you just need 500.000 for buy bicyecle. If you finish study in Pare, you can sell your bicyecle to young member. You can get profit.

Hemm, Pare has many tourism attraction, as like Gili Suci, Tansu (Ketan Susu), Gumul, Bromo Montain and the other tourism attraction.

Not only that, Pare has free car day every Monday. There, you can eat together with your friends, play bicyecle, walk together or only sight seeing hehe…. (please we say istighfar together…).

I think, that all from me. Thanks for your reading my story. See you…


The 3 Tips about Capstone Real Estate Investments that Must You Run

Capstone Real Estate Investments

Tips about Capstone Real Estate Investments

Capstone Real Estate Investments might be one of the best real estate investments that you can find these days. Investing your money is considered as one of the best ways to plan your future. There are various types of investment that you can choose these days from stock to bond. Some people are even investing in gold. Other great choice of investment that you can find these days is real estate investment. Most people might think that buying a house is only an act of purchasing.

However, if you can choose the right real estate, you might also use your house as investment. Before you decide to start your own real estate investment, there are many things that you need to learn first. Real estate investment is considered by some people as more complicated than other types of investment since there are many aspects that should be considered in real estate investment. Below are some tips of real estate investment that might be useful for those of you who just start investing in real estate.

Consider the Location of the House That You Want to Buy

The first and the most important thing that you should do when you want to invest your money in real estate are considering the location of the real estate that you want to buy. Before you make down payment and deal with the debt over certain property, you need to make sure that the property is located in good spot. To get the best investment, you can try to find the worse house that is located on the best street. This is considered as one of the basic principles in real estate investment.

You need to invest your money in the worst house that is located on the best street so that you can get an opportunity to create equity. The worst house means that the property needs some work while the best street means that the property is located in great neighborhood. By buying this type of property, you will be able to invest your money for fixing the house and then sell the house to other buyer who needs a house in great location. This strategy is also known as “Fixing and Flipping”.

Find Wholesale Properties

The next part in Capstone Real Estate Investments is finding the wholesale properties. Basically, real estate investment is quite similar to stock investment. You need to find the best deal if you want to invest in real estate. To get the best deal in real estate investment, there are some aspects that you should notice. You should avoid paying properties in full price.

If you want to get the best deal, you should look for wholesale properties instead. This type of properties is usually offered at discount price. Of course wholesale properties might need some work. If this is the situation, you should run the numbers so that you can find out whether the investment is worth the selling price or not.

Learn about Tax Benefits and Credit Report

Other important part in real estate investment is tax benefits. The government basically wants private investors to offer housing and properties for people. This is because the government knew that if private investors can’t provide properties, then the one who is responsible is the government itself. This is also the reason why the government offers tax benefits in significant amount to property investor.

If you want to be successful in real estate investment, you need to learn more about these tax benefits. Last but not least, you also need to check your credit report if you want to begin investing in properties. If you find any problems in your report, you need to fix these problems immediately before you invest your money in Capstone Real Estate Investments. 

More Information, you can visit to this website Capstone Real Estate Investments

Islam Guarantees Human’s Safety

Islam Guarantees Human's Safety

Because I did not enter class for 3 days, I feeling confuse about my topic. So, I writing to corresponding my mind. Hem…. I don’t care!

Actually, I have many unforgettable moment, but I just choose 1 moment. Suddenly, lately I feeling sad, confusing and want to angry. I am feeling small; I do nothing for them.

I think, you feel angry, confusing and sad too. Right?

Muslim and Peace

Even, The war in Islam give peace priority. Muslim will against if they are irritated.

I am muslim, since children, my teacher, my tutor, my friends n all my muslim relatives give me message about peace. Espsecially my parents, they were saying to me, “You must to be a nice son. Give your friends peacefull guarantee”, she said.

In Islam, you know about say hello “Assalamualaikum”. The sentence Assalamualaikum is means concerning peace. If you meet with your friends, that means, you must give guarantee for happiness.

But….. Now, we are knowing many state has kill mother, children, old mother, widow, grandmother and other woman. They kill without guilt; like that savage lion in the jungle.

We must be grateful, because Islam teach us starting from wake up until will sleep. Not exeption concerning war in Islam. In Islam, soldiers are not allowed to kill woman like that children, widow, grandmother, mother and other woman.

Even, The war in Islam give peace priority. Muslim will against if they are irritated.

Finally, we hope the injustice in all muslim states will end soon. Forever, we are social human and need one another. No one can separate us. Together, we can give the best for the next generation.


Inspired by King Raja Abdullah


The Best Content by Google

Google Group Discussion

This day, I follow Google Event. I and my friends directly go to Collaborative Space. Before, I and my friend is lost because trip to Collaborative Space very difficult.

There, more and less 100 publisher visit to Google Event. I see old my friends as like Mr. Kelik, Mr. Haris, Mr. Nanang, Mr. Ghufron and other new friends.

But, it is not that will discuss, I will explain to you about Google Event. Espsecially about content in website.

The Best Content

Event google in Indonesia

If you will make content, you must know about the best content Google version. As like, you can not make content from copy paste, same angle, and then same ideas.

About content, you must creative. You can to take different ideas or angle in around your self. Maybe, you can write with your character.

At the sametimes, you can add your article with image. You can add good image and first compress. May, you make content viral and SEO. So, mix about viral content with SEO article very potent.