Fisher Investment: A Reliable Wealth Management

Fisher Investment: A Reliable Wealth Management

Fisher Investment: A Reliable Wealth Management

Fisher Investment Ken Fisher is one of money management found in 1979 that is owned privately. It was founded by an investment analysis from America, Kenneth Lawrence Fisher or Ken Fisher. Actually, the ad of this kind of firm may be found in most financial web because of its popularity.

Ken Fisher itself is also columnist for Forbes, started to do the job from 1984 until now. There are currently 10 books he has written and many research papers about behavioral finance. Fisher Investment now serves up to 150 clients (institutional) and 27,000 individuals whose net worth (at least) $ 500,000. 1,500 employers are worked under him based in Washington and additional office such as London and Frankfurt. They offer the service internationally in some countries.

How It Works

This kind of company which work on wealth management, fisher Investment manages and organize each aspect of investment portfolio of individual. The portfolio itself can be asset location, setup and transfers of account, and trading individual security. A personalized portfolio then is created, consisting of assets from US and international assets. They are including stocks and bond, ETFs (exchange traded funds) and or other securities.

Your name becomes title of the account so they don’t take custody of the clients’ investment. An investment counselor (who are dedicated) will be assigned to review the individual situation of the clients. Important development of the clients’ portfolio will be advised to the clients. Education on global market, investing, and management approach of firm’s portfolio are some continuous thing they will provide to the clients in forms of books, reports, websites, live seminars, and other ways.

Determining Portfolio

In determining the client’s portfolio, several factors are taken into account. They are objectives of investments, time horizon of investment, outside assets and income, cash flow requirement, capital gain situation, and personal restriction (specific) or required customization.

After those information was determined, a group named Portfolio Evaluation Group will provide the clients with analysis of personal portfolio in written form and strategy of investment. The ongoing investment situation will be reviewed by the personal investment counselor ad needed change is made to help the clients. The clients will get online commentary (daily), quarterly report, updates (weekly), and investing books as well as seminars, roundtables on investment, and other events.

Pros and Cons

There are some pros and cons in Fisher Investment Ken Fisher. The pros are in terms of the management, personal matter, commission, and the access. Fisher investment can be very helpful for you who don’t have any experience of investment management. They will handle the investment for you. Fisher Investment use personal investment counselor as the clients’ counselor. They will help the client in helping their investment situation

. They can be contacted anytime if the clients have concern on their investment process.  And the simplest but important one, they will know your name! This company doesn’t work on the commission. The clients will not be concerned that the company will trade their account so that they will get the benefit. Furthermore, Fisher Investment allow you to access educational resources such as articles, reports (free) and online tool such as calculator for retirement and annuity that can be accessed in their official website.

The cons itself covers the annual fees, minimum net worth requirement, and weekend hour. Although Fisher Investment apply flat fee for the clients, the rate is higher than that of typical company. Moreover, to use their service, you need to have at least $ 500,000. It is kind of high net worth investor room to playe.

So not everybody can afford the service, not because the annual fees but the requirements. There is also no weekend hour available. They won’t be available on Saturday and Sunday. However, Fisher Investments Ken Fisher is one of reputable company to trust.